Tuesday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Sep 01, 1964 In Season


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  • Interesting, Informative, Educational and occasionally Ccontroversial! The BBC continues to uphold its pledge to serve the masses - Enjoy science, Love Technology - understand your world!

    Horizon continues to be amongst the best educational and informative series on TV. For many many moons it has fed information on complex matters to the public in a well thought out and presented manner.

    Whatever the subject mater the team behind the program ensure a fair and unbiased verdict and present the facts as they are known. This is not a show designed for impact but for thought so it may not please the Internet generation or those after a quick fix. Its only an hour of your life but it could kick start your future, help your family, enhance your enviroment.......

    For all you geeks out there the first episode was on Buckmister Fuller - a name still banded about today in the science and technology world. For the slightly more IQ challenged amongst us there have been pearls of wisdom on such wonders a Vitamins, Grand Prix cars, Bees....the list goes on and on (as you would expect from 40+ years worth of programs!)

    Go on, give it a chance...theres more to life than Eastenders, Lost, the weather forecast.........