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Horrid Henry

Weekdays 3:30 PM on CITV Premiered Oct 31, 2006 Between Seasons


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Horrid Henry

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Welcome to the TV.COM Guide for Horrid Henry. Based on the popular award-winning children book series by Franseca Simon. Henry is horrid. His parents, younger brother, teachers, neighbours and relatives all say so. If someone’s put itching powder in someone’s swimming trunks, sold their brother as a slave, or flattened all the tents on the family camping holiday, you can bet it’s Henry. Henry is Lord High Excellent Majesty of the Purple Hand gang. He loves comics, money, practical jokes and hates brothers, injections, homework and well-meaning adults. From where Henry’s standing, life is just not fair – the rest of the world is against him. Teachers, relatives and babysitters alike try to avoid him at all costs. Even his parents argue over whose turn it is to look after him. Henry isn’t trying to be truly horrid – it’s just something that comes naturally to him. Henry wages a constant battle against the tyranny of adults and will stop at nothing to outwit the enemy: namely his long suffering parents, teacher Miss Boudicca Battle-Axe and his perfect brother, Peter. Peter’s is always shocked by the behaviour of his brother and always falls for Henry’s tall tales of blood curdling monsters and pixies in the garden!moreless

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  • I love this show!

    One of my childhood faves.I haven't seen this FOREVER since I was like around 8 or 9 and i'm 11 now.My fave character is Henry himself he makes me laugh all the time even in my least fave episodes!Please bring this back.
  • It's certainly quite watchable, but it still has flaws and it won't set the world alight.

    When I was younger, I used to read Francesca Simon's Horrid Henry books. In fact, I still have all the books sitting on my bookshelf! (Secret shame...). What can I say, the books are still very funny to read, even if they're only intended for primary school children. (Heck, even my *mom* reads them after I've finished!).

    To fill you in with the details (for those unfamiliar); Horrid Henry features on the titular title character's life and adventures, causing mischief wherever he goes, while having to deal with his many enemies (such as his entire family and his school).

    When I found out it had been adapted into a animated series for CITV, I was quite excited. After seeing a lot of the episodes, though (and being quite older), well... it's certainly NOT terrible, but it has flaws I'd like to address.

    When you first start watching an episode, you may be put off by the animation - it's choppy and sometimes the characters look off model (especially in the first season). The art style also looks generic and in different parts, you can spot animation and art errors. I'm assuming the animators had a limited budget, though.

    The characters vary when it comes to the likability scale. Henry comes off as a strangely-likable brat (remember, he is called *Horrid* Henry!), while despite the fact that his younger brother, Peter, is the model ideal of the perfect child, you'll probably find him incredibly annoying. I'm guessing it's because that in the show and in the books, Peter constantly grasses on Henry to his mom. And let's face it, no-one likes characters who grass on others.

    The minor characters also vary in likability, but as there's quite a few of them, I'll only mention the most regular ones. The main problem with them (with the seeming exception of Margaret, for some reason) is that they only seem to have one personality. We don't see another side to the minor characters. Speaking of Margaret, she has her moments, but she *is* called *Moody* Margaret for a reason, so naturally, she's a spoilsport who regulary clashes with Henry. Sour Susan (Margaret's so-called friend) is another annoyance, mainly because of her voice. Rude Ralph (Henry's closest thing to a friend) feels like a calmer version of Henry himself. In contrast, Peter's friends act like clones of Peter himself, with no personality, other than the fact that they're supposedly the good kids. I won't bother mentioning all the others, since they all suffer from the "one personality" problem too.

    Henry's parents, meanwhile, seem to be quite useless in disciplining their son. In just about all the episodes, they send Henry to his room. You'd think that they'd clock that punishments like sending him to his room, stopping his pocket money and whatnot isn't working. The teachers at the school also seem useless at controlling their students.

    The humour usually relies on gross humour and slapstick, which is amusing to young children, but you'd have to look far to find a truly decent joke if you're older.

    Now I'm not saying the show is terrible. If anything, it's still watchable and it IS still amusing, but the show is mostly targeted to young children in (mostly) primary school. Of course, older children and adults could enjoy it too, but take its flaws in mind. Do take note that the first 2 seasons directly adapt stories from the original books, then after that, they tell their own original stories exclusive to the animated series, though.moreless
  • Follows the world's naughtiest yet funniest boys.

    What can I say? Horrid Henry is a true classic. I loved reading the books when I was in primary school. They always made me laugh. I still enjoy reading them today. And I was most excited when I found out that the books were going to be adapted into a TV series. I saw the first episode when it premired, and I was most impressed. This shows is fun to watch, and although in some cases it differs from the books, it is a real great joy to watch. I would definately reccommend this show to anyone who loves shows about boys who act horrid towards their parents, brother and teachers, but can make you laugh out loud.moreless
  • Horrid Henry is a awesome show!

    Horrid Henry is a truly, great show! I am a huge fan of Franseca Simon and her Horrid Henry book series. I have read about every Horrid Henry book and I find this show really awesome! The characters are funny and great escepically Moody Margaret, Perfect Peter, New Nick and more! I have watched this show ever since it aired and I hope they make more episodes and books! If you haven't already started watching this show, try it you might like it! I give this a whooping 10 out of 10! Horrid Henry is a very clever, funny and fablous!moreless