Horrid Henry

Weekdays 3:30 PM on CITV Premiered Oct 31, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Season 2
    • Horrid Henry's Wedding
      Horrid Henry is invited to his horrible cousin Prissy Polly's wedding. He isn't delighted about this, as he has to wear horrible clothes, and feel very bored. But he senses hope when he finds the cake...
    • Where's Fluffy?
      Where's Fluffy?
      Episode 2

      Fluffy has disappeared and is nowhere to be found - but why is Margaret being even more secretive than usual?


    • Horrid Henry's Haircut
      Horrid Henry is not so happy when he gets a haircut- he's wants a haircut of his own.
    • Horrid Henry's Horrid Hamster
      Henry thinks it's a good idea to take Fang, his hamster, to school for show and tell. But Fang has his his own ideas about what he wants to show and tell - and Henry finds out that the master isn't always in control!
    • Horrid Henry's Fairy Dance
      Believing in fairies brings Perfect Peter everything he wishes for and more when Henry decides to take him out for a moonlight stroll.
    • Horrid Henry's Household Chores
      Chores, chores, chores, what a bore! But they must be done if Henry's going to get to play at his best friend Rude Ralph's house, so Henry sets about them with his usual inventiveness, though he soon discovers that more haste really does mean less speed.
    • Horrid Henry's New Shoes
      Henry's got his heart set on some new shoes. Mum likes the idea of buying trousers that fit - but a day out at the department store turns into the usual disaster. Mum is threatened with prison and there's general chaos all round.
    • Horrid Henry hates holidays; for his idea of a holiday is lying on the sofa, eating criss and watching TV. However, that isn't his parents' idea. When his family go for a horrible holiday; camping in France, it feels to Henry as if it is going to be a disaster. It starts that way, but will it end that way...?moreless
    • Horrid Henry Meets the Queen
      No one's more excited than Henry when the Queen comes to visit - at last he'll get to ask how many televisions she's got in the palace. But her visit doesn't turn out quite the way Henry has imagined - Henry and Peter have to be very careful not to get sent to the Tower!moreless
    • Horrid Henry Makes Some Money
      Henry's latest get rich quick scheme backfires on him spectacularly when he comes face to face with the Fangmangler!
    • Happy Birthday Peter
      It's Peter birthday, and Henry and Ralph decide to 'help' with the magic show arranged for Peter's party.
    • Horrid Henry's Underpants
      Ralph, Al and Bert are set on revenge when Henry's latest trick of debagging them in the playground gets a bit out of hand, but Henry is convinced that they'll never get him. He reckons without Great Aunt Greta, of course, who thinks he's a girl and whose gift of a pair of frilly underpants is going to go down a storm with the entire class.moreless
    • Horrid Henry and the New Teacher
      Breaking in new teachers isn't easy, but someone's got to do it - and who better than Henry? When Mr Nerdon appears, it looks as though Henry might have met his match. Then he has a stroke of genius - involving Peter and a lot of frogs!
    • Perfect Peter is feeling sick, so Mum and Dad decide that he has to stay home from school. When Henry hears this, he decides he is "sick" too. He stays home from school too, and hopes for a day of getting what he wants. Unfortunately, he has to compete with Peter...moreless
    • Horrid Henry's Aquarium
      Fishy fun at the aquarium as Dad takes Henry and Peter for a day out. Peter thinks it's fun, but Henry has bigger fish to fry...
    • Horrid Henry loves sleepovers. A chance to stay up all night with his friends, causing trouble, is just right for him. So when New Nick invites Henry for a sleepover at his house, Henry sees this as a chance to stir up trouble. However, when he arrives there, he meets a family, which proves to be more trouble than Henry is worth...moreless
    • 5.6
      When Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter get locked in the cellar, Henry is at first outraged. Trapped with his awful brother is bad enough. But with no time to panic, he must find a way out. This, however, is easier said than done. Will they find a way out...?
    • Horrid Henry Reads a Book
      Horrid Henry's school is having a book reading competition. The prize is a trip to a brand new theme park. Henry is determined to win, but he hates reading books. However, he finds out that there is more than one way of winning this competition...
    • Horrid Henry Runs A Race
      Horrid Henry is competing in race. But will the race be a success or a disaster...
    • Perfect Peter's Pranks
      Horrid Henry's brother Peter is perfect. He's kind and ever so helpful and polite. But is Perfect Peter lately being a little naughty...
    • Horrid Henry's Diary
      Henry's not at all pleased with his homework assignment - keeping a diary.
    • Horrid Henry Computer Whizz
      Henry's always been good on the computer - the only problem is he's not necessarily good at doing what the teachers want him to do. So when he gets top marks in a test, everyone is delighted - except Henry who's not altogether comfortable being top of the class.
    • Horrid Henry's Hideo Video
      Henry will do anything to get his hands on 200 pounds - think what he could do with that. His career as a film director gets off to a shaky start, but who would have guessed that he'd end up in a starring role!
  • Season 1
  • Specials
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