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Fans of the popular web-based game can see the television series on Saturday mornings. Join the girls and their equine friends in this fun, addictive program.
Bianca Heyward

Bianca Heyward

Chloe Stilton/Zoey Stilton

Emily Hernandez

Emily Hernandez

Alma Rodriguez

Dana Donlan

Dana Donlan

Sarah Whitney

Aleyah Smith

Aleyah Smith

Molly Washington

David Kalis

David Kalis

Bailey Handler (11 episodes, 2006)

Vincent Michael

Vincent Michael

Will Handler

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  • Recently Found on Netflix

    I got this as a recommendation because I am a nut for "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Horses, I suppose. And as I'm nutty for horses, too, I decided to give it a shot.

    The show is obviously geared towards a much younger demographic than MLP. It definitely has a preachy vibe to it. Not nearly as sophisticated in its lesson.

    The characters are inconsistent, catty and boring. The cat, dog and pig are practically insufferable with the cruddy Sean Connery accent, and the irritating way they consistently repeat each other's names (as if we'd forget in the first few minutes) and the way the animals keep referring to us as "humans", not "people" or something else. Typical. And I keep hoping that pig gets trampled.

    The voice work is mediocre at best.

    They're all stereotypes.

    It's actually not terribly good, but it's decent enough to keep on in the background.moreless
  • i love horse land

    horse land is the best show ive ever watched it gave me a new adicten i yousto love cats to mutch but now i love them at a not annoying level but i think i love horse land at a annoying level
  • The episode with Baily

    okay so Me and my friend were talking about horseland, and she was saying that Baily gets slapped in one of the episodes. I said no he doesn't and we had a fight over it, she could not remember what episode it was. Does anyone know what episode it is? Or if he does get slapped? Please say it does not happen, cause I really want to prove her wrong.
  • Lots of fun to watch, a lot less serious than the Saddle Club.

    I really enjoy "Horseland" and "The Saddle Club", yet there are somethings about "Horseland" that's a smidge better than "The Saddle Club". Such as, I like that Horseland is a lot less serious, it's also fun that the horses have different color streaks in their manes. It's also nice that it has more main animals besides just horses, it's also fun that they talk while no one can hear them. What's also nice is that Chloe, Zoe and Angora the cat all have a bad attitude but don't have an antagonist sort of role like Veronica in "The Saddle Club".moreless
  • A girl-centric series that amuses and teaches--albeit a bit too preachy

    I've been watching this show since it premiered in 2006 and, though it's fairly juvenile in scope, I kind of like it. I suspect I like the colorful art the most as the characters are fairly lame. Sarah is by far the most interesting character of the bunch, while the mischief that Chloe and/or Zoe regularly cause make them pretty amusing. The other girls (Molly and Alma) are perhaps the most boring characters on the show and the terrible job their voice actress' do make them even worse. New voice actors have recently been noted, so that aspect of the show may improve. The two token male characters (Will and Bailey) have only rarely been used to any postive effect but I can still hope, I guess. The animals (Teeny the pig, Angora the cat, and Shep the Dog [the one with the bad Sean Connery accent]) have only occasionally added anything to the series for me, but maybe it's just because I'm old. Overall, it's an ok show, but I like a few other recent ones better, including Grossology, The Future is Wild, and Magi-Nation.moreless

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