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The Burden of Truth is about secrets. Old secrets that have been kept for a long time and new secrets that grow inside the Sanders family. All of these secrets arise to save people that are loved. It is ok, Hostages, but did you need to keep us, the viewers, in the dark for so long?

At the beginning I thought it was quite the stretch that the president would kill his own daughter only to prevent a scandal. But the rape story, for the most part, turned out to be true. There was even a flashback to the past of President Kincaid where it was confirmed that there was a plan to kill her. So here comes the first bad thing that we know with some certainty about President Kincaid: he raped a woman and tried to kill her when she refused to take money for silence.

And the second piece of evil Kincaid also came in this episode: apparently he had his brother in law killed. We kind of suspected this, right? It appears he died when he crushed his plane under dangerous circumstances. The older sister thinks it was his own fault, so obviously she doesn't know everything. Neither do we. But at least now we are starting to get enough information to actually care about the show. Oh, Hostages, why didn't you give us some more information earlier? Why keep this burden all to yourself? Now it is too late for many viewers.

The death of the Chief of Staff last week brought a series of problems, for both Carlisle's team and even for the people that killed the guy. Colonel Blair had problems this week just to be able to meet with the President and talk about their projects, as the new Chief of Staff won't put him in the schedule. Apparently they got a tiny bit upset about this and just decide to go ahead and kill the President in the old good ways instead. By hiring a sniper. One has to wonder how come they didn't think about this earlier. Carlisle, on the other hand, suspected that they could try to get rid of him again and started an investigation. He found out about the new assasination plans this way. So now they have to stop that other guy from killing the President. Why, would you ask? Well, because otherwise Carlisle cannot get the blood donation from the President, of course. I have to say, Duncan, you have it difficult to get what you need. I really hope that Ellen can do something else about it.

You will have to agree with me: it is amazing that there is a pregnant teenager in the house and that it is not a bigger deal. Plus Morgan actually understands that they didn't want to kill her boyfriend and it was an accident. Unseen on TV. Thank you for that, Hostages! At least we don't have to worry about more teenager drama. But I still have to see where this goes before I declare Stockholm syndrome. What do you guys think?

And again I end up not knowing what to do with Sandrine in all this. I thought she had bonded with most of the other characters by know. She even cried in this episode. And I didn't see a direct threat to her son. Is she going to sell information to the bad guys, really?


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