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A Hostages Community
CBS (ended 2014)
The Sanders family realizes, as we do, that the hostage situation is not very well planned anymore. They decide to try and escape to Canada. At the end of the episode, we don't get to know if they make it or not. What do you think? Will Ellen try to save the kids at least? Will they make it?

Carlisle gets assigned by the FBI and Secret Services to the disappearance of the nurse that was killed a couple of episodes ago (and which body has not been found). Apparently after a recommendation from the White House, that seems to be from people related to the assasination plot. On the private side, his wife seems to be awake and talking now, but she has decided not to continue with the cancer treatments. Does this affect the story and the assasination plot anyhow? And when he's talking to his wife about a doctor that works with experimental treatments... is he referring to Ellen?? Now I'm lost.

As a new thing, in this episode we have flashbacks! So whatever the motives for everything, it seems we will get to know them through those flashbacks. No significant ones in this episode, though. Did you like to have the flashbacks?

The whole story was stressing more than anything else. At least for me... did you like it better? I found the husband particularly annoying in this episode, despite the fact that he played the hero and all.
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