A Hostages Community
CBS (ended 2014)
The plots keep pointing out to a lot more people being “hostages”, not just the Sanders. Many of the players we see, they are coerced in a way or another to act the way they do. Not even the Chief of Staff was in command of the situation, as we just got confirmed in this episode. He was unexpectedly killed after confessing to Secret Service Agent Hoffman about the assassination plan. Together with poor Hoffman, who was smart enough to be in the right tracks. It feels as if Colonel Blair is the one leading the coup right now, together with the infamous sister that just poisoned the Chief of Staff, and that we have found out is Blair's lover. But are they in charge? The episode was strong showing how large the conspiracy is, but still really short in giving tips about the President's story and everyone's involvement in it.

The biggest reveal was that Carlisle's wife is in reality the current President's daughter. And that, for unknown reasons, if he would know about her, she would be killed. More question marks to add to the list. And another point that seems to confirm the President as a real bad guy, although it is all so very disperse that it could be easily turned around to the opposite direction any minute. Anyway, it seems Carlisle's interest in this story has directly to do with using President's pieces to cure his wife. They have both this rare blood type and she needs a donor. That part alone would not be as compelling if we have not also received the information about her being his daughter in mysterious circumstances.

The sister, Samantha, is a complicated case. She shows some concern about the number of people that need to die on one side, but then she is a cold blood murderer on the other side. She seems very driven, in any case.

In the middle of all this, I am concerned about something silly: Is everybody intimate with Sandrine? I cannot see the appeal. I find the relationship with Kramer so strange. Do you see any chemistry there?

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