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I've been trying to figure out how it all ties together. With a rudimentary flow chart I have added the primary players of this scenario.

Let me know if I got something backwards, please!

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To clarify the image: Secret Service - orange, Presumed conspirators - tanned, solid blue -FBI, red - Conspiracy & Co, light blue - the rest of the cast good and bad.

The green boxes are the key characters according to the CBS Hostage homepage, Perception Tracker.

Here, CBS has put up three traits for the key characters:

  • Are they good?
  • Are they trustworthy?
  • And, are they justified?
It seems that we will change perspective on all three key characters during the following episodes.

I added two profiles for Duncan as he leads a double life. My questions so far are:

  1. What's the name of the Vice President, has that position been shown? It feels a vital role as that character would fill the open spot when Kincaid dies.
  2. What agency is the Secret Operative (in red) work for?
  3. Who did Sadrine replace? That would be good to know... Have I been lazy and missed out on something that you guys know.
It would seem that Burton Delaney holds a grudge on many sides. He might be upset about healthcare bills that President Kincaid has put forth. Even his son-in-law might get a hit in the process. Chief of staff Creasy sure is in the middle of the conspiracy. Hence the red arrows.

Dr Sanders role in all this is evident but I can't see Brian Sanders as a key character. Him working in real estate and developing could be a motive, but we don't know that yet, do we? His affair seems a bit trivial to grant him a lead role. I'd give that to Creasy instead.
That would give some cute readings on the Perception Tracker.

This being said, I hope you find the chart helpful. If you're like me you have a hard time to remember who was what and who did what. It sure helped me to make heads and tails of the cast.
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Oct 22, 2013
Thanks! I´ve yet to see epsiode 5, I guess I´ll update this after that.
Oct 22, 2013
Hey, this is a lot of work, great post! I did check it a couple of times because I cannot remember the names of the characters :) I had just written a discussion starter for the episode this week, but I accidentally deleted it and I am not sure I feel like writing it all again...
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