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CBS (ended 2014)
Another day another death. Hostages is starting to pile up some dead bodies. What bothers me is that it's coming too late and is too low paced - for an action show.

There are some holes in the whole story. Those come with a big WHY? after them.

Well, what happened then?

In Off the Record we find the Sanders family getting locked up in their bedroom with the windows nailed shut and the door pad-locked. Ellen is the exception. She gets the key to the lock - in case Carlisle's plan goes sideways.

The plan is to save the President from being shot in New York by the other team of assassins. That goes well - in fact really well. The team of assassins are neutralized and team Carlisle is heading back home to the Sanders. All in line with the plan to kill the President at the scheduled surgery. Presumably to retrieve bone marrow to save Nina Carlisle. (And maybe Sawyer?)

Ellen helps Duncan withe the plan by getting building plans from Samantha at the Zirin group. For this she is rewarded an embrace and a kiss to go with it. Might be the meeting with Samantha made Ellen feel Brian deserved that.

We got some behind the scenes shots from the White House. VP J.Grant met with Vanessa Moore to get prepared to run for office. She also managed to meet with Col. Blair, who seems to call the shots, and get the lay of the land regarding the Carlisle take-down and the forthcoming end of the Sanders family.

We met up with Burton and Nina's mother, Kate. Who survived by luck, I guess.

I did like this episode for the minutes in New York. I disliked it for the half hour away from New York. That sums up the eleven episodes to date - Pick eleven minutes of each episode and discard the rest and you'd end up with 121 minutes of good film.

That's been done before.

(Trespass, 2011)

I did mention that I thought I'd seen this show before (in a comment to the pilot) and almost everything from Trespass can be found in Hostages. This is finalized by the kiss between the missus of the family and the hostage takers' leader.

The holes I wrote about above are those:
  • Why didn't Ellen unlock the door and free her family? The Carlisle crew was in N.Y.C!
  • Why did the assassin team get jumped so easily? The van with the sniper knew they were compromised - yet, they didn't keep a gun at the back doors! No support from a second unit?
  • Why keep trailing away from the main story - killing the President and the White House intrigues - with slow shots from the Sanders house and Nina's mother?
  • Why did Duncan think he could waste the assassin squad and not get picked up after that? Oh, yes - that's it - Duncan is taken hostage by a third assault team. We don't know who they are, yet.
We still have a few episodes to follow to see who sits in the Oval Office when New Year comes. Are we watching or has the waiting taken it's toll?


Am I totally off with my thoughts on the show. What did you think about Off the Record?


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