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Eh - SPOILERS - just saying...

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We meet Lauren, Ellen's sister, who decides to drop by on a surprise visit. Bad idea.
Appropriate music: ...funny farm

Duncan has done his job well when doing his background checks. He knows about Lauren being unstable and a regular at the house with padded cells. He makes Ellen call Dr. Rowley who comes and takes the sister away.

Duncan gets a foot in as liaison agent between FBI and Secret Service in the investigation on the missing nurse, Angela Nix. He manages to dribble away Archer as a suspect and throw suspicion on another usual suspect.

Presumably a lawyer from D.C. Public Defender arrives to speak with a man in custody. Logan steps in and averts this attempt. My guess is that Randall Brown, the defense lawyer is someone else than he claims to be.

We get to know the reason for Sandrine's drug deal. It was meds for her sick son. The common denominator in the series is absolutely health-related.
One thing that made no sense was the excursion to crash a card game to retrieve the 50K to pay for the meds. Why not just have Brian withdraw that sum from the Zirlin Group's accounts? Or from the stash in the bedroom? Now, they risked unwanted attention and most certainly got caught on camera doing the deed.

We don´t learn anything from the White House which was a big led down. That would have made sense to have something about the reasons for all those charades.

Hoping for a trip to the West Wing next episode, 1.07 Hail Mary.
Episode 1.08 is named The Good Reason, where we'll get to know Duncan's reason?

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