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Finally! Some insight in what goes on behind the scenes! Not much of unexpected turn of events, though. There were a couple of locations to keep up with. Let's see.

This was one of the better episodes of Hostages. The main reason for that is the Warehouse 13 reinforcement, Joanne Kelly playing Vanessa Moore. So, let's start at the White House.

While making some pre-op tests, Dr. Sanders meets the sister to Mary Kincaid, Vanessa Moore. Here comes the twist: Vanessa's brother, Peter Moore was Senator of Virginia until he was killed some years ago. He seems to have had an agenda that went against Kincaid's. It's implied that he would have been President if he'd lived.
We are also told that while not being a stellar politician, Kincaid married himself to both power and influence as well as money - marrying his competitor's older sister.

I'd say that Vanessa Moore fits the bill of a sister that holds a grudge badly. Let's watch out for her shall we?

In the triangle drama of siblings, the Moores, we are clued in on President Kincaid knowing his sister-in-law in the biblical sense. We'll see if she has a stained black dress in a fridge somewhere...

Heading over to the Sander's house. Ellen and Brian decide to use the poison intended for the President on Duncan! Most likely the prime character of this show is wearing a vest and will be unharmed by the stabbing dealt by Brian.
The other parties of the supreme team of hostage takers didn't do too well this episode. Well, Archer is still behind bars. Sandrine got friendly with Kramer, almost. Kramer got dulled out of her arms by the cops. Something to do with a dead limo driver. From the poker heist last episode. Most likely he'll just be asked some questions. (Not join Archer in orange jumpsuit.)
So, basically we leave episode six with only Sandrine fully in the clear.

  • Duncan can be incapacitated or dying
  • Archer is locked up as Duncan can't make that call to set him free
  • Kramer might end up in the slammer for murder
Being Sandrine, with a bag of cash and free reins, I'd make a run for it. Save myself and my son.

The least interesting plot thread or location was the Sander kids. They have no purpose in the main plot. Well, aside from getting the cover blown that they are held hostage. I'd say we'd be better off with our time spent at the White House. Ten times worth every minute!

Ellen tried to sneak off on a house call to her former lawyer, Burton Delaney - a not too nice a friend to have. It soon became clear, from Sawyer's input, that granps is the big bad wolf. He claims, though that he's just a small part of a bigger machine. It was he who threw Ellen's name in the plot-bowl.

As an episode this was the second best after the pilot, that promised more than it has delivered. If the forthcoming four episodes head in this direction - it will be fun to watch!

Upcoming episodes are:

#8 "The Good Reason"
#9 "Loose Ends"
#10 "Burden of Truth"
#11 "Off the Record"

The way the episodes have played out in the past, we can't rely on the names to gauge what they are about.

New Higher Res: Flow Chart

Post Scriptum

FBI agent Carlisle did not set Archer up, but used him to silence Malik in a prison brawl in the yard. I really thought he did, so that's my Hail Mary moment.

What's yours?

Were there even any more?

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