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Watch the episode before reading. This post contains spoilers.

Today, Ellen evades her surveillance, Archer - by telling him she's taking an emergency ride on a heli. He believes her and she pays Mrs. Carlisle a visit. Nina doesn't recognize her as a threat, she thinks Ellen is the specialist doctor called in by Duncan.

At the White House, we meet NSA colonel Thomas Blair, who is in charge of OTI, a program for spying on the public, well everyone really. This program was started before Kincaid took office. He wants to leak the premise of OTI and to dismantle it. Chief of Staff Creasy is opposed to this and is working with Blair to prevent it to be canceled. They both have ties to Vanessa Moore, for different reasons, I'd wager. This does put Miss Moore as a contender for one of the main chairs of the conspiracy.

After some digging, I found out that the elusive Vice President is lurking in the shadows. It's Jay Grant (played by Brady Smith), he makes the flowchart almost done. I'm sure there are some more subjects to be placed yet, but the major parts are filled now. I just hope the show doesn't turn on us and throws in a bunch of new arrivals at the end. I hate when that happens.

I'm reluctant to discuss the Sanders kids as I feel they lack real meaning in the show. I'm leaning to even include Brian in that category, and his entire company. Why is he one of the main characters of the show? It's episode eight and no clues to why he's up there.
On the polls at CBS he's a flatline. He's not moved and inch on the suspicion meter. Correct that. Perception Tracker.

I see what CBS is doing, they want us to see good and evil in a grey-scale. It's not black or white. However, Brian Sanders is, regarding the matter who's hiding anything vital, a big blank. Yes, he's having an affair. Yes, he might have done some creative deals to get a nice house. But has he anything to do with the hospitals or OTI, or the President and so forth?

We did have one major event regarding the kids. Morgan was about to be saved by Boyd but the plan backfired. Or, rather - Sandrine fired at him and they both hit each other. She had a vest, he didn't. We saw her preparing a cleaning op in the living room about to wrap him up in a tarp. I'd say he's gone.

Jake had an interview with the cops as did Kramer. None of them had any big trouble.

So, the earnings of this episode were:
  • one dead, Boyd - well most likely very dead
  • one new arrival, NSA colonel Blair
  • one new motive, OTI
What didn't make sense? Archer being able to walk away from prison after having started a riot and killed someone.

I thought Duncan was wearing a vest in the last episode's recap, it turned out it was Sandrine who wore one.

I still can't believe Ellen should have such an easy time to avoid being followed by the team working for Duncan.

Not having heard from Vice President Jay Grant eight episodes in the season is incredible!

I think the show would benefit from showing more intrigues of the West Wing. I vote for more of Vanessa Moore!


And, closing this: what angles did I forget to report on? I know of at least one. Please correct that error in the comments. From ratings on DVR (is that corrct) and view on demand it seem that Hostages has quite a following.

The flowchart is updated: Who dunnit?
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Nov 12, 2013
Hey, I think the only thing keeping Archer in prison was actually Carlisle, who had requested his emprisonment for questioning or something. Then, when he wasn't needed anymore, he just went and said that he made a mistake and set him free - is that what you remember?

Some things are getting better with this show, but sooo slowly! And at the same time, mistakes are adding up. I do think, like you, that we should know a lot more about the political motives by now. It seems we will know the concrete motives by end of season, and then we will have to wait for an almost imposible season 2 to see how it develops. ugg.
Nov 12, 2013
Vanessa Moore, more time nothing more to say. She did escape the poll master...

Nov 12, 2013
ElisaDiaz, you take the next ep?
Nov 12, 2013
ok, I am travelling next weekend and I might be a bit late posting it on Monday, but I will!
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