A Hostages Community
CBS (ended 2014)

(Spoilers ahead!)

Not wanting to give away what really happened in the two hour finale, I'd like to discuss what you thought about the way the season/series ended.

The way things ended up surely left some loose ends hanging over the cliff, so to speak. From what we've got from comments here in the community, apparently Duncan Carlisle turned himself in at the very end of the season finale. That alone opens for a follow up.

  • What crime is he surrendering for committing?
  • Will he do time or just be relocated? Promoted?

More than arguing what was good and bad with the first season of Hostages, let's hear what you think of a follow up season.

  • Can it be done?
  • What will it cover?

This short piece is just a taste of the full reviews that are coming. The way CBS ended the season surely opens up for a season 2.
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