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I did a follow up on the Miami and N.Y. field offices of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation a week ago. Little did I know that I missed the reappearance of Marg Helgenberger, starring in CBS' post New Year show Intelligence - which starts on January 13.

I just now added Intelligence to my watch list. Thanks goes to Tim Surette for the News Brief update! This show will go hand in hand with my plans to watch Almost Human.

Having been announced that Hostages airs the final episode on January 6 with a two hour blast, I'll guess we're up for an up tempo show to take its place. That's good news!

In the past I've hinted on new arrivals to Hostages. For episode nine, Loose Ends, let's hope for more Thomas Blair and OTI business.
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i dont fucken understand
Hostages is running the ending 15th episode on January 6. It's a two hour finale. CBS in starting a new series on the 13th. As Hosatges is supposed to have only one season and that the ratings have been fairly low it's safe to say it will end.

What I'm saying in my post is that another show called Intelligence is starting directly in the wake of Hostages.

Specific to Hostages in my post is Thomas Blair who is an NSA agent working on a surveillance program called OTI. He's a new character, introduced in episode 8.

Sorry for mixing too many shows in one post. Hope this clarification helps.
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