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CBS (ended 2014)
With shaky reports of low ratings in TV Ratings, Hostages faces the always imminent axe of being pulled from airing. BUT, with a show having something to prove to its creator, Israeli producer Alon Aranya. Another Israeli show adapted in the US is Homeland that was aired as Hatufim in Israel. The difference here is that Hostages has a three week head start to the 'original'.

Bnei Aruba - Hostages on Isreal TV Channel 10. Episode 1 aired on October 13.

Ayelet Zurer as the doctor selected to kill the Prime Minister.

Video with subtitles

To have another show using the same script airing behind you will undoubtedly keep CBS vigilant in airing the show. With Jerry Bruckheimer as producer of the US version there will be a rather large name behind the series. With series as CSI and The Amazing Race along with hit movies as Pirates of the Caribbean I'd wager he has some pull in the discussion on cancelling or not.

We have seen previews of scenes from further in to the season. An indication that at least a couple of more episodes have been shot. Episode 1.07 and 1.08 seem finished and I for one am looking forward to see more of the White House angle on the mystery as to why President Kincaid must die.

Having a new cast member added to the team, Joanne Kelly as Vanessa - sister to Mary Kincaid is an indication that the show can be counted on.

For now, we´re waiting for Sister´s Keeper. Fingers crossed for some new information on the big conspiracy.

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Jan 09, 2014
They should just air a two hour episode as the "Series Finale" to tie up the "loose ends." Maybe some time in the spring? Don't know how they can give it anymore episodes than that. I sure won't be watching it if it goes any more than one more episode.

After the second episode it started boring me. and only watched it as I was doing things around the house. Which means, I didn't care for it.
Nov 05, 2013
It will be great if they have the show with a good ending. I really don't think the show needs and warrent a second season.
Nov 05, 2013
I'm merely negating rumours of shutting the show down mid-season. One season will be long enough. So, hopefully no seconds to this course, please.
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