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Dec 17, 2013
Hostages Episode 13: Fight or Flight
This episode starts with Duncan taking his own wife “hostage” after she found out about the assasination plot last week. This is one of those times when the show could have taken the time to explain to Nina directly the situation as it is, with all its dangers, instead of dragging the situation around longer than necessary, until Kramer had time to come by an explain a bit more to her. Obviously not enough, since she ended up escaping the house, with Sawyer, and being followed by both the FBI and NSA. And now she is being held by Colonel Blair.

In the meantime, Archer has decided to get rid of Sandrine. But first they wanted to find out what her plan was to kill them (as loose ends for the assasination plot). We don't know if Sandrine had any intetion to let the bombs off or not to ...Read more
Dec 11, 2013
Hostages Episode 12: The Cost of Living
AHHHHH! I hit back space by accident. And! The post was no more...

But, I'm not tied to a chair awaiting execution.

This episode held no big reveals. No surprise deaths and no bed chamber pillow talk. Eh, yes it did. Pillow talk we got!

Vanessa Moore plays out to be the spider queen some of us expected. Cute!

The big thing this episode was Brian calling Nina Carlisle and telling on her husband.

Not much else worth reporting.

That being said we suffered no plot holes!


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Dec 04, 2013
Hostages Episode 11: "Off the Record"
Another day another death. Hostages is starting to pile up some dead bodies. What bothers me is that it's coming too late and is too low paced - for an action show.

There are some holes in the whole story. Those come with a big WHY? after them.

Well, what happened then?

In Off the Record we find the Sanders family getting locked up in their bedroom with the windows nailed shut and the door pad-locked. Ellen is the exception. She gets the key to the lock - in case Carlisle's plan goes sideways.

The plan is to save the President from being shot in New York by the other team of assassins. That goes well - in fact really well. The team of assassins are neutralized and team Carlisle is heading back home to the Sanders. All in line with the plan to kill the President at the scheduled surgery ...Read more
Nov 26, 2013
Episode 10: "Burden of Truth"
The Burden of Truth is about secrets. Old secrets that have been kept for a long time and new secrets that grow inside the Sanders family. All of these secrets arise to save people that are loved. It is ok, Hostages, but did you need to keep us, the viewers, in the dark for so long?

At the beginning I thought it was quite the stretch that the president would kill his own daughter only to prevent a scandal. But the rape story, for the most part, turned out to be true. There was even a flashback to the past of President Kincaid where it was confirmed that there was a plan to kill her. So here comes the first bad thing that we know with some certainty about President Kincaid: he raped a woman and tried to kill her when she refused to take money for silence.

And the ...Read more
Nov 19, 2013
Episode 9: "Loose Ends"
The plots keep pointing out to a lot more people being “hostages”, not just the Sanders. Many of the players we see, they are coerced in a way or another to act the way they do. Not even the Chief of Staff was in command of the situation, as we just got confirmed in this episode. He was unexpectedly killed after confessing to Secret Service Agent Hoffman about the assassination plan. Together with poor Hoffman, who was smart enough to be in the right tracks. It feels as if Colonel Blair is the one leading the coup right now, together with the infamous sister that just poisoned the Chief of Staff, and that we have found out is Blair's lover. But are they in charge? The episode was strong showing how large the conspiracy is, but still really short in giving tips about the President's story and everyone ...Read more
Nov 14, 2013
Hostages : Two Hour Finale - An Intelligence Move
Equation: No Hostages = Intelligence
Nov 12, 2013
Hostages Episode 8 "The Good Reason"
Watch the episode before reading. This post contains spoilers.

Today, Ellen evades her surveillance, Archer - by telling him she's taking an emergency ride on a heli. He believes her and she pays Mrs. Carlisle a visit. Nina doesn't recognize her as a threat, she thinks Ellen is the specialist doctor called in by Duncan.

At the White House, we meet NSA colonel Thomas Blair, who is in charge of OTI, a program for spying on the public, well everyone really. This program was started before Kincaid took office. He wants to leak the premise of OTI and to dismantle it. Chief of Staff Creasy is opposed to this and is working with Blair to prevent it to be canceled. They both have ties to Vanessa Moore, for different reasons, I'd wager. This does put Miss Moore as a contender for one of the main chairs of the ...Read more
Nov 05, 2013
Hostages Episode 7 "Hail Mary"
Finally! Some insight in what goes on behind the scenes! Not much of unexpected turn of events, though. There were a couple of locations to keep up with. Let's see.

This was one of the better episodes of Hostages. The main reason for that is the Warehouse 13 reinforcement, Joanne Kelly playing Vanessa Moore. So, let's start at the White House.

While making some pre-op tests, Dr. Sanders meets the sister to Mary Kincaid, Vanessa Moore. Here comes the twist: Vanessa's brother, Peter Moore was Senator of Virginia until he was killed some years ago. He seems to have had an agenda that went against Kincaid's. It's implied that he would have been President if he'd lived.
We are also told that while not being a stellar politician, Kincaid married himself to both power and influence as well as money - marrying his competitor's ...Read more
Oct 29, 2013
Hostages Episode 6 "Sister's Keeper"
Eh - SPOILERS - just saying...

Updated Flow Chart:

Higher Res: Flow Chart

We meet Lauren, Ellen's sister, who decides to drop by on a surprise visit. Bad idea.
Appropriate music: ...funny farm

Duncan has done his job well when doing his background checks. He knows about Lauren being unstable and a regular at the house with padded cells. He makes Ellen call Dr. Rowley who comes and takes the sister away.

Duncan gets a foot in as liaison agent between FBI and Secret Service in the investigation on the missing nurse, Angela Nix. He manages to dribble away Archer as a suspect and throw suspicion on another usual suspect.

Presumably a lawyer from D.C. Public Defender arrives to speak with a man in custody. Logan steps in and averts this attempt. My guess is that Randall Brown, the defense lawyer is someone else than he claims to be.

We ...Read more
Oct 22, 2013
Episode 5: "Truth and Consequences"
I had written a discussion starter for this episode and I have accidentally deleted it. I don't want to write all of it again, so you are lucky, I'll spare you :)

I think the home surgery scene made the episode worth it, specially when the committed boyfriend rang at the door. But it is very lame that the kids came back, and very strange that Ellen didn't make sure that they left.

That's it! Are you still enjoying this show? I'm still watching, and I don't hate it.
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