Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2014 on CBS

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  • Endgame

    A fitting end to a show that has had its highs and lows. Not a memorable finale, but it did tie up most of the loose ends. Unfortunately, no second season to see if they could continue the story.
  • Great

    Like most TV crime dramas, I expected some politically correct twist on this show (like Archer being the hero of the season) but I'm glad I was wrong. The show very much had a "24" feel to it and I almost expected Jack Bauer to come to the rescue. The way they tied up all the loose ends indicates they knew the show was cancelled so no point ending with a cliffhanger. Dylan McDermott is a great actor and I look forward to seeing him on American Horror Story.
  • Big Messy Op Tied Up In A Bow

    The ride called Hostages is over. The premise, initially, was clever. The myriad ways it went sideways over the 15 episodes often veered further and further out needing constant adjustment. Often the reining in so this black op would not fall apart stretched all credibility and marred the cleverness of the original straight-forward plan of the president dying accidently on purpose. That said this was still very much a worthwhile and ambitious one-season series.

    By the end there was so much happening, with so many involved, it is a minor miracle the writers could sew it all up as neatly as they did. I'm sure many early viewers did not make the entire trip. If you did there is some satisfaction in that the president did not die and Ellen was reunited with her family without any harm coming to them. Duncan's wife has the chance to live and Duncan, himself, is finally doing something unquestionably right which is we sense is what drove him to extremes in the first place. The whole thing was a huge mess in so many ways and still the writers made enough compelling drama throughout to hook a contingent of viewers of which I was one. Though I can not say brilliant job I can say pretty good TV that took plenty of chances making for a thread of constant tension. Toni Collette was the bedrock of this show and did a fantastic job at all turns. Dylan McDermott was spot on in the mysterious FBI agent you love to hate. I think these two actors deserve the lion share of credit for keeping me invested when the writers lost it at times. Thanks to them I give the series a solid 8 as well as the finale.