Season 1 Episode 11

Off the Record

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2013 on CBS

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  • Off the Record

    This was one of the stronger episodes of the show because it was heavy on action, something that should have been the focus from day one.

    Unfortunately, the end was a huge jumping the shark moment.
  • Communication is Key!

    Well this episode was a fine example of how communication is to all relationships. If that military guy banging psycho chick had simply talked to Duncan than there would be no need for these shenanigans of Duncan trying to ensure he is still important. I do appreciate that everyone is experiencing a little Stockholm Syndrome at this point and in a normal situation it would not be healthy, but seriously the dad is irritating the hell out of me. I know it's because he is an idiot and an cheating asshole, who doesn't know why anything is happening but if I hear one of his stay strong speeches again I'm gonna go crazy.
  • I've never felt so strongly about not wanting to watch a show anymore

    For the first few episodes, I was willing to suspend belief. What if the Secret Service weren't as efficient and effective as they were in real life? What if it was actually that easy to get within one degree of separation from the US President? It was thrilling at first. Now, the writers are concocting the most farfetched and frankly infuriating story arcs and scenarios. Whatever the reasoning, I've tolerated it long enough. I logged into for the first time in years just to write about how atrocious this show has become, and for the first time in even more years I'm giving up on a show mid-season. I doubt I'll miss it. If ever I get a relapse, I'll think of this episode specifically.