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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    CBS's innovative and exciting new drama, Hostages, was chosen by critics to be the big hit of the 2013 fall season, but things didn't quite turn out that way. The show was much more than I expected and unlike anything else on network television, but the amazing story is both the reason people did and didn't watch it.

    The problem with Hostages was that if people did watch it an it was renewed, where else could you go? Season 2 would have required a whole other cast and story or else it would risk just going around in circles. It's also the kind of show where you have to watch it from the beginning and see every episode to know what's going on, so either way the show was doomed from the beginning. Don't get me wrong, the story was phenomenal, and would have been one of the best mini-series ever, but beyond that there was nowhere to go and I think people realized that.

    Dr. Ellen Sanders (Toni Collette) is one of the best surgeons in the country, and her day has come as she has been selected to operate on the President of The United States. The Sanders family are on top of the world, until one night a group of mercenaries break into their home and give her a simple task. Kill the President or we kill your family. From there the family is held hostage until the surgery is upon them.

    Toni Collette stars, and while she's been in a ton of things, this was easily her best performance since the Sixth Sense. She was so good that it seemed like the kind of role that was written specifically for her. The doctor had some wild ideas and took some crazy risks to try and find out who the mercenaries were and why they were really doing this.

    Collette is paired with veteran TV star, Dylan McDermott, who plays double duty as both her captor and as an FBI agent, who has a ton of other things on his plate. The story itself seems simplistic, but there are so many side elements that effect each character, but none more so than McDermott's charachter, FBI agent Duncan Carlyle.

    Hostages is edge of your seat excitement, with a cast that is top notch. There is so much more going on here than a simple hostage situation. Each character has their own story that could really be worthy of a film and the show goes in so many unexpected directions, it just really was outstanding in every sense of the word.

    I absolutely loved this show and watched all 15 episodes in a week, still the show was easily doomed to a single season, because of the complexity and inflexibility of the story.
  • Please Renew!

    I really liked this show. Please renew! It was interesting, suspenseful and always had a cliff hanger that left you wanting to come back for more.
  • Renewal, pretty please?

    Please get this show renewed!
  • Hostages is Captivating

    Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette lead the cast in the CBS drama Hostages. When the President goes under the knife for a routine surgery a group of mercenaries hold the surgeon's family hostage in order to force her to kill the President; but soon things get complicated and the family begins to question whether they should be helping the mercenaries instead of resisting them. The season starts out a little weak as it tries to seed too many subplots, but around midseason it finds its focus and begins to weave a compelling conspiracy. While there are some problem with story structure, Hostages delivers an entertaining 15 episode first season that's exciting and full of thrills.
  • Hilariously ludicrous!

    However I doubt that was the mood they were going for.
  • Very optimistic on technical details

    The acting in the show is great, but wouldn't the police department LOVE the technical possibilities these guys seem to have? A mobile phone CANNOT work without a battery, no matter how you clone it. Nice to "implant" a GPS chip. However, it will not work inside and it is not passive. To report your position it has to contact either the 4G network or the wifi. Therefore, it needs power. Do they implant the chip and then provide a backpack with a battery?? Weird. No amount of acting can help me forget this.
  • I looked forward to this show every week

    I'm so sorry it's finished. I really would like to watch season 2 or later !

  • good, but should have been better

    I like the show. The basic premise is excellent, and, for the most part, the writers have come up with a compelling story. Dylan McDermott's role is right up his street, and his performance has been aces. Also, Tate Donovan seems right at home playing a self-absorbed boob. It's Toni Collette that has been a huge boat anchor pulling down the whole show. If she could come up with a more unattractive look, or a flatter performance I'd like to know how.
  • Held hostage by Hostages

    As with people, characters make bad calls. To actually not do the smartest thing in a given situation is what makes a show realistic. Plot holes - maybe, not the best solution to a problem - most likely. While the show could be more concise in it's attempt to be a nail-biter of a show, it has all the ingredients of being a great show. Sadly, it read the recipe wrong. There ought to be more FBI/Secret Service scenes. More White House intrigues and less suburbia anecdotes.

    They could have handled a lot of the stuff surrounding the main event in another way. Instead of putting bread crumb pieces of the tiniest plot over ten episodes it could have been covered in two episodes. With better background inception we could have been introduced to the characters better.

    Now we were thrown in to the hostage drama without knowing the characters. What if we had started to watch the negotiator Duncan Carlisle over two episodes doing awesome solutions to bad situations and getting some evidence on how OTI was being handled. What if we were thrown some flash backs early in the series and that way had a chance to understand what was happening?

    All in all a good watch that could been directed better. But as with all things it's a question of personal taste.


    CBS please don't cancel Hostages!!! I think this is a great show and would love to have a season 2+! The connection between Dylan & Toni are perfect! The problem I see with the ratings is that 11 million ppl are watching The Voice and right after is The Blacklist. I think this is killing the ratings for Hostages.
  • The unpopular in Japan

    Because the story is childish, it is evaluated as a comedy.

    The bulletin board typical of Japan, it has been severely criticized.
  • One of the Best!!

    It's gripping with a plot that just keeps twisting and turning with more surprise every episode.

    I LOVE it!!!!
  • Love it!

    Plot holes? 24 was like Swiss cheese and that didn't stop anyone. Hostages moves like lightening, is never predictable or dull, and the acting is great. It's network tv - what more do you want?
  • Bah Humbug to the naysayers!

    The show is really really bad and you keep watching it? You keep watching what you call the worse CBS show ever? Try again! This show is great, and the most recent episode was perfect.
  • The show is REALLY, REALLY BAD

    I can't even begin to tell u how bad this is. But, I keep watching it. It will NEVER get a second season pickup and may be the worse CBS show ever! It's like a train wreck you can't stop watching
  • Was on the fence but after tonight not anymore.

    Saw it the first night because I liked McDermott on other series. My TIVO only records 2 shows at a time and Blacklist and Castle are better programs. I watch Hostages live when I can. Tonight I've watched a least 4 episodes and tonight's was the last one I'll be watching.

    How hard can it be for a show to have a person to catch stupid mistakes?

    I know the storyline is pretty far fetched and that's fine but an Army Colonel with a goatee and a super wide mustache? That was a simple thing to fix. Goodbye Hostages.
  • Love this!!

    I love this show! I look forward to watching it every Monday!! I really hope it doesn't get cancelled! It's one of my favorite shows! I love all the actors and I love every episode! :)
  • Holes!!! Swiss cheese!!!!

    I can't believe how "unbelievable" (in a negative way) this show is. I'm a CBS regular, but the huge holes in the plot and the illogical actions and reactions of the characters are making me turn to The Blacklist every Monday this season. The good news is it's only a one-season run so we'll see Toni Collette in something worthier of her acting soon.
  • Can't stand any more

    The writers are making these people just to stupid. Like leaving the gun in the top of her purse, not locking doors, turn their backs on open doors, etc.
  • Suprised

    With most of these tv shows i watch the first episode then it gets boring this one im stil enthralled unrealistic but it isnt reality tv is it no? It's ridiculous for a reason
  • Awesome Show

    No idea what that people here talking about its one of the best shows there are every single episode having a huge twist in it and unpredictable, this people who gave it 1.0 point look at the shows they watch and ofcourse they are not interested in this one they have a different and even horrible taste, Hope this shows gets a second season its really worth it but maybe change the scenario
  • Was interesting; now enough is enough!

    It seems unreal that there is no way out of this. Come on now; enough is enough. It's time for reality to set in.
  • Worst and more worst

    Bad, simply bad
  • Already on the chopping block

    I've read numerous articles on legit (non-gossip) sites that Hostages is likely cancelled already and we may not even see all the shot episodes. Started off great then it was like the writers had a collective brain fart and didn't have a plot laid out beyond the first couple of episodes. Waste of a talented cast!
  • My Favorite show!

    Best show I've ever seen... and the only reason I look forward to mondays! Love the actors and the twists and turns of this show. WATCH ITTT
  • IT IS getting old!!

    What I thought was a good idea is turning out to be boring!!! I agree with some of the your smart enough you would have already found a way out. Maybe this series should have multiple episodes of different situations and bring them to an end. Like the current one it should have ended well before now. Come on network get with it and end it soon!
  • Hostages... Really???

    I was riveted by the 1st 2 shows and hooked, BUT, it is going no-where FAST!! I can't believe that these incredibly smart Hostages are not smart enough to get out of this situation and I don't know how this man thinks he can cure his wife after he has caused all this trouble for this doctor. It just is not adding up. I am getting tired of it real fast when I was so excited about it in the beginning. Please put a knife in it as it is done!!!!
  • Please Wrap it Up

    What started as what it seemed was a good idea has just got worse every week. It,s just unbelievable and is getting dragged out .Can not watch any watch the last episode just to see what happens.
  • Waste of talent

    It's a shame to see really good actors in a show with nowhere to go. I agree with another reviewer who said this should be a miniseries. After 4 episodes, I've lost interest. Too bad, because I adore Toni Collette...
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