Hot in Cleveland

Season 3 Episode 24

Blow Outs

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2012 on TV LAND

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  • Blow Outs

    A good, out of character, appearance by Regis Philbin, and an also good, albeit very in character, appearance by David Spade.

    Not really a good season finale from a storytelling perspective, and not something that will freshen the show up by introducing a baby to the fold, but still a funny installment.
  • #324 'Blow Outs'

    What the hell was that? Is this what Suzanne Martin calls a season finale?? Especially with such a strong last week's episode. This last episode of the season was totally badly written and it felt like nothing happened. Of course they had David Spade and Regis Philbin to guest star but even these two guys could not save it from being crappy. Our ladies fought and fought and complained about one another so they decided to take a look at some apartments to live separately. Then they realize that it was always their biggest dream to live together. And Betty says a couple of smartass punchlines and bam! It's gone to the hiatus. Not very good. 5.0/10