Hot in Cleveland

Season 4 Episode 14

Canoga Falls

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 26, 2013 on TV LAND

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  • Canoga Falls

    Not the funniest episode, but a good throwback, good to see the cast outside their normal comfort zone, and a few laughs along the way.
  • My Favorite Episode!

    This episode, along with Storage Wars are my favorites. Carol Burnett is one of my favorites along with Betty White, and the two together were magical.

    Victoria is asked to return to her hometown of Canoga Falls (connection from one of the Carol Burnett Show sketches). She thinks she is going to get an award or something, but her sister Bess (played by Jean Smart) tells her that she can't take care of their mother anymore. When the Melanie, Joy and Elka along for the ride, get back to the house, they see that Mom's got a serious hoarding problem, along with memory issues. She's got magazines saved from before Y2K and has all of Victoria's things saved, along with a room full of shoes and "puppet doors" in the girls' rooms!

    Penny finally confesses to Elka that she started acting crazy to get Bess to get Victoria to come home. Elka advises Penny to "dial up the crazies" and they both act silly together.

    Victoria talks with Bess, who wants to get out of the house, and the town to travel with her boyfriend. Melanie suggests assisted living, but in Cleveland. Penny is not too keen on the idea of losing Bess, her "rock" but decides to move to Cleveland anyway.

    Meanwhile, Joy and Melanie are playing with Victoria's old things like her Mystery Date Game and the EZ Bake Oven, making teeny cake with stuff that expired in 1986!!

    Penny and Elka are back in Cleveland now, and Elka introduces Penny to Nick (Tim Conway). Before leaving with Nick, my favorite part is when Penny looks at Elka and says "I'm so glad we had this time together!"
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