Hot in Cleveland

Season 1 Episode 9

Good Luck Faking the Goiter

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 11, 2010 on TV LAND
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Episode Summary

After being nominated for an Emmy Award, Victoria fakes a deadly disease in order to gain sympathy votes.

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  • Great writing, amazing cast and one bad guest-star.

    "Hot" continues it's streak of well-performed and smartly written television, with one exception. I'm sure we can all understand the reasons behind casting Joe Jonas as Melanie's son, but his performance was the weak link in an otherwise brilliant episode. I truly believe a part this big warranted a true actor to be cast. As always Betty White was charming and brilliant. Guest star Dave Foley's witty and well-timed jokes only enhanced the hilarious physical comedy from Wendie Malick this week. Wendie had the chance to open up and show the viewers even more of her range, something I felt was long overdue. The cherry on top was Susan Lucci as herself. It's nice to see Susan outside Erika Kane.moreless
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    The ninth episode of Hot in Cleveland, the first season's penultimate installment, proves to be the best half hour yet. Tonight's episode featured an Emmy-worthy performance by Wendie Malick, and a great, believable mom performance by Valerie Bertinelli. Betty White was not the intangible she usually is, but she still did have a few good lines including calling Justin Bieber a girl.

    Dave Foley has guest starred on every sitcom ever, but he was great here as well. Joe Jonas was not memorable, however, he was not as obtrusive as I thought that he would be.

    Great episode here. A lot of laughs.moreless
Dave Foley

Dave Foley

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Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas

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Carole Gutierrez

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    • Victoria: Kids can be so ungrateful. I mean, you get them the best nannies money can buy and then they blackmail you with threats to write a Mommy Dearest.

    • (Will receives another text message)
      Melanie: Why is it that he can talk to everybody else but not me?
      Victoria: You mustn't blame yourself! I did everything I could for both my kids.
      Joy: You've got three children.

    • (after Will's cold entrance)
      Elka: I hope it's your daughter who is going to decide what home to put you in.

    • (Joy has just finished telling Will about being stood up at the altar)
      Will: I've got to tell you, whoever that guy was, it was his loss.
      Joy: Thank you.
      Will: Because you must have been so hot back then!
      Joy: Yes, way back then!

    • Victoria: Where's Elka? She said this [disease] had no symptoms and I'm out there limping around like Dr. House.
      Melanie: Elka said she looked it up on Wikipedia.
      Victoria: Wikipedia! Wikipedia says I'm 37, and I should know, I'm the one that "corrected" it.

    • Joy: I've been trying different [therapists] everyday. It's a little bit like dating, except you're not trying to hide how crazy you are.

    • Victoria: (to Melanie) Look, I'd love to stay and help you pretend to be your son, but I have to go pretend I'm dying.

    • Elka: What did you think of my mall walk mix?
      Will: Not bad. A little surprised by all the Justin Bieber.
      Elka: Really? I love her!
      Will: He's a guy...
      Elka: They keep saying that, but I'm not buying it.

    • Victoria: Waiter, I realize it's only 8 o'clock in the morning, but we're celebrating and I would like some champagne in my orange juice.
      Waiter: You mean the usual.

    • Joy: (to Melanie) You raised a son with enough character to break up with the wrong girl even though she has a truly terrific set of knockers.

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