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Hot in Cleveland

Season 1 Episode 6

Meet the Parents

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 2010 on TV LAND
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Episode Summary

Trouble brews as Melanie's mother and Victoria's father decide to visit on the same weekend.

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    Hot in Cleveland proves to be nothing more than meaningless drivel; a group of middle-aged (and one near-death) women jabbing on about the struggles of life. None of these characters are good, so who is the viewer supposed to root for during conflict?

    Not only that, but the actual conflict is both meaningless and unoriginal. The parents of friends getting together? Yeah, I have never seen that happen before.

    Hot in Cleveland had the potential to be a great series, it had the opportunity to be the anti-show by casting four women who did not meet the rigorous stands we hold our celebrities to these days, but it instead has turned into the usual yapfest targeted towaard female viewers.moreless
  • Gimme that old time comedy...

    What a treat to see Hal LInden and Juliet MIlls. Juliet Mills portrayed the wonderfully stuffy mother across the pond beautifully, and I for one want to see more of her...here or somewhere else. It's about time some of today's "come backs" had merit, and this fine actress has merit!

    The style of humour is definitely old style and I can see it not appealing to a wide audience but I'm a firm believer in something for everyone even if the networks aren't.

    Wendy Malick and Jane Leeves are still very witty and have great delivery. Betty White's appeal goes without saying. IMHO, the week link is Valerie Bertinelli, but the rest pull off their parts well enough to hold up the end.

    Again I say, the show is not rocket science, but most of the time it is appealing in its own quirky way..moreless
  • Certainly not the best episode of Hot In Cleveland, which features a somewhat cliched plot, but a nice introduction to the parents that I hope we'll see again later in the series.moreless

    I'm sure we've all seen an episode of a sitcom where the parents of two friends are caught together in bed. Actually, the scene in this episode with Alex and Loretta in bed together reminds me of multiple episodes of The Golden Girls - "Family Affair" and "Sophia's Wedding" - where we see the leading ladies standing around two lovers in bed. It's nothing new and it was definitely predictable, but was still funny. I was actually a little surprised that they chose to do an episode with the parents so soon, considering that the primary characters haven't had a chance to develop much yet, but I think that they were able to pull it off, due largely to the great guest stars they continue to attract. I definitely hope to see all three of them again on the show, and maybe next time we'll be able to see Juliet Mills in person, not just confined to a laptop screen.Another nice part of this episode was the lack of 'Cleveland vs. LA' dialogue that we seem to get every episode. While that comparison is usually important to the premise, it's nice to get a break from it every once in a while.Overall, not a great episode, but the cast and guest stars certainly brightened up a rather tired and cliched plot.moreless
  • Better than last week.

    I want to like this show so very much. I love the cast. I want good things for all of the ladies. Such funny women. Such a promising concept. Such mediocre writing. This episode was saved by the hilarious Hal Linden. I love the exchanges with Betty White & the rest of the cast. Her tormenting of Joy is starting to feel a little forced. At least it does to me. If anyone else but the current cast was playing these women I would not be watching this show. Because instead of raising up & mocking the ridiculous standard of beauty we get from hollywood, they seem to perpetuate it. I will give it another couple episodes. Hopefully the all improve.moreless

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    • Victoria: Well in my house, it was all about my father. That man is monumentally self-absorbed!
      Joy: Well my mom...
      Victoria: Joy, please, I'm not finished. He's just one of those actors who thinks the whole world revolves around him!
      Elka: You know...
      Victoria: Why is everyone interrupting me?

    • Elka: My father and I argued about everything. The last fight we had was about whether or not the gun was loaded.
      (looks of shock on the girls' faces)
      Elka: Two days later, BAMMO... heart-attack.

    • Joy: Why do Americans always feel that spewing their emotions will make them feel better? In Britain, if we have a family dispute we follow a time-honored tradition passed down from one generation to another.
      Melanie: What's that?
      Joy: We get rat-assed drunk.

    • Philipa: You know Joy, when you're snarky something unfortunate happens to your face.
      Elka: She knows, I tell her all the time!

    • Alex: I don't watch that much television.
      Victoria: Of course not, it doesn't have a mirrored surface.

    • Victoria: I could invite my father, but watch out, he hits on everything that moves.
      Elka: I like him already.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: March 15, 2011 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD
      Czech Republic: December 5, 2012 on Prima LOVE