Hot in Cleveland

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 2010 on TV LAND

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  • A traditional sitcom with a stellar ensemble that feels like a throw-back to some of the classics... and that's a good thing!

    The much-anticipated premiere of Hot In Cleveland has finally aired, and I quite enjoyed it. It did have a bunch of cliched sitcom jokes, especially ones about age, but it was genuinely funny. While the plot of the pilot is far-fetched, it works well enough as a way to introduce the audience to the four leading ladies. Out of the four, Victoria and Joy stand out the most. Unfortunately, I'm not quite loving Melanie; it seems to me like Valerie Bertinelli is over-acting, which can come off as preachy and annoying. And then there's Betty White, who can do no wrong in my book. However, the character Elka is lacking substance. She had some terrific one-liners, but she comes off as too cynical and sarcastic. Hopefully the writers will flesh out the character to be more likable in the future. The best parts of the pilot were the commentaries comparing L.A. to Cleveland. Those comparisons were definitely the purpose of the pilot and it came across very well. Overall, it's a strong pilot with a great ensemble and a boat-load of potential!
  • Betty White is hilarious, but the show is just mediocre.

    Think of Desperate Housewives with less witty writing and no season long dramatic arcs and you get Hot in Cleveland. The show focuses on three middle aged women who crash in Cleveland and decide to stay there. You have three veteran actresses here, although Wendie Malick is far from her best. Malick has starred or guest starred on probably 100 shows, and she is always good for a few laughs, but her appeal has run its course.

    Jane Leeves, best known as Daphne on Frasier or Marla the virgin from Seinfeld, had several good lines here and I was quite surprised. She was never the sole reason for watching Frasier, but she definitely impressed me here.

    But as I mentioned, the star was Betty White who at 88 managed to deliver more hilarious lines in a half hour span than just about anyone on TV. She's more famous now than she has ever been, and it probably was warranted.

    Not a horrible start, but the show has a long way to go before I call myself a fan.
  • Excellent pilot, great characters from our past. Will watch as long as it comes on. Future bright for this show.

    A cast of some of the past most excellent stars and second bananas. Wendy Malack,Vallerie Bertinelli,Betty White and Jane reeves are 4 that are winners inb my book. A dream trip tp Paris isn't all that its cracked up to be with these four. Still very entertaining and as I have said I will watch it thill they cancel it or it just goes away. it had a great plot and a fine chemistry between players. I have waited for Valerie to have another series for years. Now it is here and I will fatefully be there for it. I recommend this.
  • Pilot episode. Good set -up to the characters. A bit type-cast, but for a reason...

    You might have thought a pilot would usually be slow because of the need to set a background, but Hot In Cleveland's pilot felt funny and well-paced, like the actors had known each other for years. This comfort between the cast helps to create a realism to the show that really draws you in. This pilot proves you do not need a big budget to make a great product. Overall I'm happy with Hot In Cleveland, but am interested in seeing if how they keep you drawn in. I hope for just one thing... that producer Sean Hayes does NOT cast himself on the show.
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