Hot in Cleveland

Season 4 Episode 16

Pony Up

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2013 on TV LAND

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  • Victoria was actually NICE!

    I just couldn't believe it. Victoria was nice!

    Not fake-actress nice, but honestly nice!

    She went on a TV show with a doctor who was trying to get people to donate a kidney and there was a little girl who needed one. Victoria said that she couldn't because she was too old, but the doctor said that she could as long as their blood types match up.

    Victoria checks it out, and everything matches up, and she gets nervous and tries to dodge out. Until she gets a text saying someone else wants to donate.

    Then she meets the sweet little girl, who actually was a fan of Edge of Tomorrow and even gave Victoria advice that she should marry Emmet even though he's in prison. Victoria thanks her and then gets a text that says the little girl will get her kidney after all. Victoria is actually touched, and the little girl is thrilled to get a celebrity kidney.

    Victoria turns into her old self again after the operation, making everyone wait on her hand and foot.