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  • Deep talent pool, for certain.

    While this series will never be Pulitzer material it is the first comedy in a VERY long time that I can sit down and watch...not all the time, but when I do I have fun.

    It is pretty formulaic and grossly tame by today's standards and yet the talent that has been recruited for the main cast are among the most truly talented comedic performers ever to hit the small screen.

    Unlike most of today's 'comedy' programming, and I use the term loosely, "Cleveland" is funny on the merits of humour that is, refreshingly, not based on blatant sexual or sexist themes, nor on put-down themes. The subject matter and writing may be old-style, but there isn't a more qualified cast on the planet to deliver it.

    These ladies are true gems of comedy, and I for one am glad to see them at the forefront of a prime time series! And total kudos to TVLand for its first time out with an original series, for having accoutrements to to take the high more ways than one!
  • Is it good? Is it bad? What is it?

    Okay. First of all, I watched/stumbled onto this show at 9, close to like 10 at night, and my good review reflects that. I don't know what this show is, to make the point clear. On one hand, it's a B-rated "comedy" for 35 year olds who wish they were 13 again. On the other, it is a well-written show who just happened to fit right in with the other shows. I want to write a longer review on Cleveland, but it just seems okay. Not the sliced bread of the century, but very very ok. It's ok, that's all it merits, even if Betty White's in it.
  • Awesome actresses, so why is the show so cheesy?

    ATTN TVLand: What's the point of hiring highly-respected older actors, then putting them in mediocre-at-best sitcoms? You need better producers and writers! Warm-fuzzy memories of our fav-actors from years-gone-by will only carry a show so far.

    I'll most likely continue to watch this, at least for a while, because I really enjoy anything Betty White does, as well as Victoria Chase. I don't see many people under 45 watching this show. I'm sure a lot more younger people enjoyed Golden Girls and Designing Women - I know I did (and fell into the younger demographic when those shows aired). Or maybe go with a soap'y theme like Desperate Housewives, which is amusing filler, but I still watch it faithfully.
  • #1 Best Comedy Show To Ever Air on TV Land

    I think that "Hot In Cleveland" really is TV Land's #1 Comedy show. When I first saw the promos for this show, I didn't think it would turn out that great but I decided to give this show a chance because of Betty White. Betty White can sure make me laugh so hard. I gave this show chance and I turned out to really like this show. Season 1 wasn't that great to me though. There were a few Season 1 episodes I found to be at least great but the rest of the episodes are either decent or okay. When Season 2 premiered, this show got much funnier and much better than Season 1. I think Season 2 is the best so far. There are only two okay episodes in Season 2 so far and that would only have to be Parts 1 and 2 of the episode "I Love Lucci". The rest of the episodes are either great, superb, or perfect. Yeah, I would definitely recommend Season 2. Season 1 is just alright but has potential while Season 2 is just plain hilarious and I've enjoyed pretty much all of the episodes in Season 2. This show is called "Hot In Cleveland" because of the three women. I have to be honest, the only hot woman in this show is Valerie Bertinelli while the other two Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick are just alright. I really don't watch that much TV Land but "Hot In Cleveland" is definitely worth watching new episodes every Wednesday night and worth watching the reruns depending if you like the episode or not. I have seen every episode of this show and I have never missed one episode. Overall, most plots to the episodes are good (mostly Season 2), the characters are well done and hilarious while Valerie Bertinelli is the only HOT woman in this show. Betty White is the funniest person in this show. Overall, watch an episode of "Hot In Cleveland" and I dare you not to laugh because this show is hilarious... I don't recommend Season 1 that much but I definitely recommend Season 2 so start off with Season 2 if you have to and this is definitely the #1 Comedy Show to ever air on TV Land in my eyes. 10/10
  • I absolutely love this show, but cut the gag real episode and then I'd give it a 10!


    I wanted to watch more Betty White, which is how I found it. Otherwise, I would have never known it existed. I crack up and wish for more when the episode ends. It's one of my top 10 shows, so I was extremely disappointed when I go to watch it I get a FREAKING RERUN. Why oh why, must you tv people ruin things? If I wanted to watch bloopers or the shows again (and I have), I would get them on dvd or itunes or the like. Gag reals DO NOT count as an episode, honestly, the flashback and gag real "episodes" are just LAZY.


    I'd hope I see Delta Burke on Hot in Cleveland.
  • Not so too classical...

    This show is alright, but not perfect. It needs to hit more on reality about humour, besides jokes. That's why it is not considered a classic.
  • Elka cracks me up

    Good show! the cast is amazing and seem to have great chemistry. reminds me of GG but that's on a level of its own. there's a lot of cheesy jokes but still funny. plus the legendary Betty White is a part of it and she is extremely hilarious.
  • dumb!!!!!!!!!!

    This is stupid! Words can't even explain how dumb I think this show is!
  • Need BETTER tv shows

    Can't stand the show. The annoying previews for the show turns me off so much. I change the channel every time I see a Hot in Cleveland preview much more do you need to shove these previews down our throats? Really need to get this show off the pathetic and mind numbing. With has beens who really can't act. Also tired of the references to Betty White's Age. Who cares? Superficial garbage as bad as Graceland .More garbage. Burn notice rules,everything else can be thrown in the garbage.
  • Golden Girls 2

    This show is so lame, and the jokes are so silly. It makes me wonder who is sleeping with who.
  • 8-21-213 episode

    liked last nights episode. put joy with dr. greenlee; they make a great couple. hope he stays on the show. golden girls part 2. this show rocks.
  • This Show Needs To Be on ABC!

    Hot In Cleveland would be a perfect complement to Modern Family on Wednesday night's ABC schedule. It's time that TV Land finally let go of the golden goose and give Hot In Cleveland a shot at being on a Big Four network.
  • Marriage in the works

    What's going to happen between Alec and Melanie? Marriage maybe, or breakup! We'll have to see because no one is saying anything about the future of Alec and Melanie. June 19th I definitely will be watching since it is my favorite tv show. You go girls!!
  • I don't like it.

    I think that the show sticks I'd tried to watch it once and I didn't that was funny at all a show that makes fun of people should be taken off the air the people can't act at all .
  • #1 TV Show

    So Looking forward for the Next Season can't wait to see you girls. <3 your work and make me laugh everytime I watch Hot In Cleveland. <3 you all keep up the great #1 TV SHOW IN MY LIST.
  • disappointed in story line

    First I LOVE this show. That being said I am seriously dissappointed in the whole Melanie brain tumor/radiation storyline. I know you are a comedy not a health show. But women REALLY going through radiation for a BRAIN tumor lose their hair- most of the time permanently- because the radiation burns the follicles. To play this line and be so untrue to the many people dying or disfigured is an insult! And not at all funny Knock it off
  • Might as well call it Sluts in Cleveland

    I am so sick of all the sex jokes in this show. Most of them aren't even funny. It's just the main cast acting like tramps and then trying to put a funny spin on it.

    News flash, writers. These kind of jokes require good timing and actual clever dialogue to make it work. Get a freaking clue!
  • Just Read


    I like this show. It is not a bad show. What puts it so low on my rating? How about that animated episode!

    Let's just see what is wrong with it.

    -Bad Animation

    -Confusing story line

    -Rip-off of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

    -Rip-offed The Walking Dead

    -Rip-offed Labron James

    -Bad Batman reference

    -and other crap I don't want to talk about

    Now what is wrong with the rest of the episodes?

    -Bad sex jokes

    -Sometimes bland

    -just confusing sometimes
  • Great meets Wonderful

    I can see why the show has been renewed for another season as well as been on the air since 2010. Talented actors & actresses for recurring roles as well as guest slots are harmoniously mated. The writing keeps one laughing. Each week, I can NOT wait for the next episode to air. Keep up the GREAT work everyone!!!!!!
  • How about old in cleveland

    The only reason why the show has lasted this long is because of Betty White. The rest of the actors are not funny, poor jokes, and they look like they have been on . for 100years.
  • NO!!! Cancel this show and I'll be very angry!

    I can't believe It!!! One of the best situation comedies on TV with a great cast, not the least of which is Betty White. I thought they would keep this show on the air until she passed over! Please don't cancel it!
  • Not the same :/

    When this show started I fell in love with it, and the first 3 seasons were hilarious. But I have to be honest: since season 4, the clever comedy has been falling apart and most of the time it feels like they're just dragging it. I don't know if canceling it is the right move, but sadly I've been watching the latest episodes because of old habits; I don't even remember the last time they made me laugh. I'll miss Betty, though... and crazy Victoria.
  • Really gonna miss WENDIE MALICK

    Really like watching this show, mostly because of Wendie Malick who I think is an amazing actress, who rocked in Just Shoot Me (loved that show). I like Jane Leeves's role here better here than in the iconic Frasier. I hope that they will be appearing in other shows soon, especially Malick.
  • Resurrect Hot in Cleveland and keep it on the air! LOVE THIS SHOW!

    Don't cancel this show! The actors and guest stars on this show are fabulous and your Nielsen ratings cannot possibly be indicative of the amount of people who watch the show! You MUST reconsider! I just started watching in the last year - give it one more year - you'll be pleasantly surprised! For those that haven't seen it, watch an episode or two and you'll be hooked too!