Hot in Cleveland

Wednesday 10:00 PM on TV LAND Premiered Jun 16, 2010 In Season





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  • Deep talent pool, for certain.

    While this series will never be Pulitzer material it is the first comedy in a VERY long time that I can sit down and watch...not all the time, but when I do I have fun.

    It is pretty formulaic and grossly tame by today's standards and yet the talent that has been recruited for the main cast are among the most truly talented comedic performers ever to hit the small screen.

    Unlike most of today's 'comedy' programming, and I use the term loosely, "Cleveland" is funny on the merits of humour that is, refreshingly, not based on blatant sexual or sexist themes, nor on put-down themes. The subject matter and writing may be old-style, but there isn't a more qualified cast on the planet to deliver it.

    These ladies are true gems of comedy, and I for one am glad to see them at the forefront of a prime time series! And total kudos to TVLand for its first time out with an original series, for having accoutrements to to take the high more ways than one!