Hot in Cleveland

Season 3 Episode 22

Storage Wars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 16, 2012 on TV LAND

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  • "We must increase our bust!"

    This episode had me laughing so hard I was crying! The girls bid and recieve items from an abandoned storage unit, Joy gets into talking on the CB raidio, after Elka "Candy Cane" shows her how. Joy tells the trucker she reaches that she has enormous breasts. Once, when she talks to him about her breasts, he crashes, so she buys a water bra and goes out to find him, in Elke's car. It was nice to see Joy and Elke hug, since they're always picking on each other, which is hilarious as well. But during the hug, floodgates open and the bra bursts and starts spraying! Joy, in a fury, stuffs the other side of her bra with yarn and goes to meet the trucker, who pulls the piece of thread sticking out of her sweater and discovers the truth about Joy!

    I loved that story line. I barely remember the Lincoln story line, but Melanie and Victoria find a letter from Abraham Lincloln about him cheating on his wife or something so Victoria, who wants to become famous for more than being the "lady pants lady" (that is a funny subplot: *I'm going right now!" LOL) calls the college and a Lincoln expert, who turns out to be Artie Firestone comes to identify it, even the local news comes over but Melanie makes Victoria realize that she is "lady pants-ing Lincoln".