Hot in Cleveland

Season 3 Episode 13

Tangled Web

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2012 on TV LAND

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  • Tangled Web

    A bit of a funny episode, and I liked how they weaved everything together at the end, but the poisonous spider that led to paralysis was a little bit much. I just had flashbacks to The Brady Bunch Hawaii episode when watching this, which while not necessarily a bad thing, did not reaffirm my position that young people can enjoy this show too.
  • 3.13 "Tangled Web"

    This show has gotten stale in season 2, but now it is just a bad cliche and weird joke after joke. They had the ooportunity with this episode and sadly, I only giggled once or twice. I am done with this show as of now (maybe finish off the season 3 when it airs all of the episodes). It was like a bad parody of that wonderful episode of Frasier when they took a trip in the mountains and the evening at the cottage is a fiasco. :( Too bad, because I thought I would continue to love this show, but I have not loved it since early season 2. Season 3 is just plain bad, sorry guys. 3,0/10