Hot in Cleveland

Season 3 Episode 23

What's Behind the Door

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 30, 2012 on TV LAND

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  • 3.23 'When You Open a Door'

    This was probably the best and most hilarious episode of "Hot in Cleveland" I've ever seen. So many laugh out loud moments and giggles while watching this one ;)

    It's the 3rd anniversary of the cancellation of 'The Edge of Tomorrow' where Victoria played Honor St. Raven who shockingly opens the door in the last episode ever and fans never find out what/who was waiting for her behind them. So Victoria gets this crazy idea to revive the show and the Cable Channel where she works offered to build up the old set, hire some of the former actors and all they need to do is to include a couple of product placements in the script every now and then. When it all gets out of hand and Victoria fights with the soap's creator Apryl (guest star Cybill Shepherd) it's revealed why the show got cancelled - the network wanted to replace Victoria with a considerably younger actress. Apryl did not agree (although she's written Honor's death scene) and she agreed it would be better to cancel the show.

    As I wrote above - this is probably my all time favorite episode of this sitcom. Loved it. Our ladies were amazing as always, writing was perfect, guest stars were funny as hell. Keep it comin' :) 10/10
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