Hot in Cleveland

Season 1 Episode 2

Who's Your Mama?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2010 on TV LAND
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Melanie trys to get Elka to start dating again. Elsewhere an old secret is dug up when Joy begins to date a younger man.

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    The pilot for this show proved there was a bit of promise here. Four talented actresses, four big names, this had the potential to be the new Golden Girls and instead the show killed my hopes for it tonight. Tonight all those special things from the pilot were erased. Was it at all relevant to the story here that Victoria was a former soap star, or Joy was the makeup artist to the stars? The ladies were just middle-aged ladies here, nothing more to the character than that.

    Hot in Cleveland could have been the next big thing, instead it chose to be just the same thing as everything else on TV.moreless
  • A definite improvement over the pilot, this episode helps to establish the characters and set the tone for the series moving forward, despite a bizarre plot-line.

    It seems like the second episode of Hot In Cleveland gives us a much clearer picture of what the series will be like from here on out, and I'm definitely liking it. The writers seem to have made Elka much more rounded, and thus, more likable. However, I'm still struggling to warm up to Melanie. Whether it's the way the character is being written or the way that Valerie Bertinelli is playing her, she seems to be the weakest character of the four. The major plot of the second episode is a little absurd, and seems like a strange choice for an episode at the beginning the series, but Jane Leeves pulls it off with her performance. The pairing of Elka and Melanie was interesting, and there is definitely some nice chemistry between them. Unfortunately, Victoria, who Wendie Malick portrays wonderfully, only played a supporting role to Joy's story-line, with a small one of her own, which continued the commentary of L.A. versus Cleveland nicely, and provided for some of the best lines of the episode. What struck me the most about this episode was the eerie familiarity of the second kitchen scene to the Golden Girls. Between the dialogue to the way the four actresses were positioned - the three leads sitting around the table and Elka off to the side, much like Estelle Getty's Sophia used to sit on a stool by the island - it's very reminiscent of the classic sitcom, which I see as a positive. My only other complaint would be the melodramatic ending of the episode, which seemed somewhat forced, but possibly introduces a interesting plot for Joy. Overall, this episode is an improvement over the pilot, and reveals some major signs of potential for the series moving forward.moreless
  • Better than the first episode IMO.

    I love Betty White. I mean who doesn't but I love her soooo much. I used to be very sick and I watch the Golden Girls everyday and they were one of the things I say helped me get better. This episode had more of her in it and that is great. She is beautiful and very good. The storylines for this episode were very good. Betty's was the best IMO. The hair and the hips and the driving at night were great. The mother/son storyline was also very good. I am just excited for next week. I hope the viewers stuck around from last week. -The Blonde Bombshell.moreless

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