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ITV (ended 1989)





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  • Biting satire at its very best. Twiggy Rathbone and russell Spam are both brilliant characterizations of fleet street men.

    When it was running, Hot Metal, was for me totally unmissable. I used to actually leave the pub early and go home to watch it (the only other programe i ever did that for was The Young Ones) 'Gregg Kettle' as the sleaziest newspaper reporter in the business used to make me weep with laughter. nothing was to underhand for him, he had no concience whatsoever. Tricking bishops into thinking they were Vampireswas the least of his efforts.

    The newspaper was supposedly in the safe hands of editors Richard wilson and Geoffrey palmer, over two seasons respectively. they were the only ones on the newspaper who had any sense of decency. but they fought a losing battle. against a paper that would stoop to giving away free babies they bought offa quintipletts mother. Or covering up the assasination of an old man pretending to be a dead russian president.