Hot Properties

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 07, 2005 on ABC



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    • Chloe: And I´m the one who kissed Graham.
      Emerson: Well, that´s what he said. He said that you are some kind of drunk, desperate psycho.
      (Chloe looks at Ava and Lola)
      Chloe: (whispering) He does remember me!!

    • Charlie: Hey, who´s that babe who just left?
      Ava: You´re a plastic surgeon!! Don´t you have babes down the hall to hit on?
      Charlie: Yes, but my patients frown on my dating ´em. Well, with all the botox they don´t actually frown... but there´s a telling glare.

    • Emerson: You know... We just want our first time to be something that we´ll both cherish and remember our whole lives.
      Lola: Oh God! I hope somebody told you that first time really sucks!!

    • Lola: So does Scott know your real age?
      Ava: Well, I may have shaved off a year or two...
      Chloe: But when are you gonna tell him?
      Ava: He can do the math on my tombstone!
      Chloe: But has his grade got to substraction yet?
      Ava: Those jokes are getting old...
      Lola: Unlike your husband!!!

    • Driver: You married?
      Lola: Divorced.
      Driver: What was he, gay?
      Lola: Yes.

    • Chloe: So, we both slept with our client's fiance.
      Ava: Boy, what are the odds?
      Lola: Pretty good.
      (Ava and Chloe look at her)
      Lola: What, let's face it, you guys are kind of slutty.

  • Notes

    • Gail O'Grady's character has the same first name as Lori Laughlin (Ava) of the short-lived The WB drama Summerland - which is strikingly similar to the last name of O'Grady's character (Summerlin).

    • Nicole Sullivan and Christina Moore are both from MADtv.

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