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  • Excellant Show!!! ABC bring it back!!!

    The show was hilarious they shouldn't have cut it off. We need a good t.v. show I'm tired of sex and the city reruns we need something new to fall in love with lol. I really don't watch any night time shows anymore I always watched Will & Grace, Sex and the city, and Charmed but now they're all gone. I'm tired of reruns lol. ABC should definitely bring this show back. My favorite episode was when Lola was drunk and was mad cuz her psychiatrist wouldn't have sex with her it was tooooo funny. I watched every episode faithfully until they cancled it, I was very disappointed !!!! The characters definitely complimented each other and the cast was great, I really don't see why it was cancled. Well I guess we can get a dvd of the old episodes so we can still enjoy them lol
  • Great cast, funny scripts, and Gail O'Grady who is so beautiful. I'd be her boytoy. Friday night timeslot killed this wonderufl show.

    Hot Properties was such a funny show. I was very sad when this show got cancelled. The cast was hilarous, the episodes got better every week, and I loved the friendship among the ladies. Good friends. Beautiful to see. I especally liked seeing Gail O'Grady. She's such a sexy cougar. I liked seeing her and Scott's relationship and how much he loved her. Some people hated this show because it was simliar to Sex And The City. But this was very different as it was shot in front of a studio audiance which you see a lot on network sitcoms. Plus because it on ABC it couldn't be too blunt. Bottom line, it was a great show and because of their bad timeslot on Friday night, they got slammed an early death.
  • I really enjoyed this show! Bring it Back!!!!!! Seriously I think if it was given a chance it would have been great. I dont understand why they cut a show off so early - it hasn't even had the chance for everyone to actually watch it!

    The funkiest "real estate" setup you've ever seen, but the characters and storyline is funny, light-hearted and is great to curl up on the couch each week with to watch.

    Very! Unfortunately being taken off air, I would have liked to have known what was going to happen next !!!

    I really enjoyed the different characters blending together in many funny and relatable scenarios and looked forward to upcoming seasons - if they had let it get that far. Very disappointed that they cancelled it! Should definately bring this one back and give it another chance especially for the ones who actually started to get into it...
  • One would think that a sitcom called "Hot Properties" would feature some humorous episodes about buying and selling real estate. Instead the focus is on the sex lives of four "hotties" who are real estate agents.


    This show is going to have to get a lot better to last.

    Think "DESIGNING WOMEN" in the real estate business rather than the interior decorating business. Set it in the North instead of the South and make it more crass than the original and you've got "Hot Properties".

  • Why did they get rid of this funny show?

    Hot Properties is about four ladies: Ava, Lola, Chloe, & Emerson. They are at all different stages in their lives and when they are not catering to high-end clients, they have to work with their own problems. This show is so funny and why ABC cancelled this show, I don't know. I can see this show being played on ABC Family, but if ABC dropped it, I don't think ABC Family will pick it up! Ha ha ha. Anyways, this show was very funny and ABC, BRING IT BACK!
  • Where did this go? Bring it cack! It was funny and enjoyable!!

    Where did this go? Bring it cack! It was funny and enjoyable!! The characacters worked well togethter and the premise was new and different! It was a great show for a Friday night to sit in and laugh! Chloe was hysterical, but you could not help but feel sorry for her! Plus, Lola! Where in the world do they make women\'s body\'s like that? Goodness gracious! Please bring back this show! NBC always take the good ones off! The thing that also makes me mad is that it just disappeared and one had no idea what happened to the show!
  • Well I can see why they called it HOT properties! It was an ok program for a Friday night, the cast was so so and so was the writing, although it could have been better. I will miss it.

    Writing so so, cast HOT, just does not have what it takes for a mid season sitcom. Thought that they could have done a better job with story lines. It really reminded me of a show called Designing Women. The only reason I watched it was because of the Latin chick and Chritine Moore,that was a good enough reason for me!
  • I dontunderstand why the TV show was taken off the air I thought it was great comedy i need to know why it was axed

    I thought it was a great show why take away good humor what to replace it with stupid reality shows now adays anyone can go on tv heck if i wanted my own show of my crazy life i could do it but reality tv is over rated and it needs to stop Hot Properties was great and funny with gorgeous women which im sure plenty of men were watching it I think the show needs to come back on.

  • Humourous and always Sassy!

    I'm going to miss Hot Properties when it gets the axe. Although the script can honestly be much better, but HP has grown on me, especially for Lola (Sofia Vergara). Her accent really puts the humour into this show but I cant say the same for Emerson, whose acting is a bit fake and really not funny. The issues they have are real life for eg, Obsession with Oprah, appearance issues and the very common shopping addiction. I enjoy the conversations and the theories about love that they have which I feel are very relatable. Hopefully after getting the boot, they pick up the pace and come back bigger and better.
  • Cute show, but I am afraid. I am starting to worry. I can sense some genius at work here with the writing but it seems like its headed for a stalemate if they don't have some change of scenery with the set and the plot.

    Cute show, but I am afraid. I am starting to worry. I can sense some genius at work here with the writing but it seems like its headed for a stalemate if they don't have some change of scenery with the set and the plot it seems like its going to turn out like one of those awkward moments when you first meet someone and realise you have nothing in common. This show needs some insanity. We only catch a glimpse of the characters behaving at their best and we occasionally get a side joke or two about their 'off work' lives. I think if the writers add some more situational comedy and add some more set locations and possibly a few more characters this show would hold it own.
  • Could and should be better.

    There seems to be like a million shows like this on TV. It needs to be more special to actually suck viewers in. I admit some of the jokes are lame. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember any jokes that are actually funny in an intelligent way. I only watch this show when I’m bored and have nothing to do. They should hire a better writer, though. Seriously.
  • What was I thinking?

    I attended the October 18th taping of "Hot Properties" and by the end of the show, 90% of the audience had left. However, it also made it much easier to snag Nicole Sullivan's autograph, (hint: MADTV) I was highly disappointed, Nicole is not nearly as funny here as she is on MADTV. This is kind of a ripoff of "Designing Women," or "The Golden Girls." More like DW because they're working girls, but since there 4 women I compared it also to GG. The show needs really fine-tuning if they want to get past season one.
  • I love the ladies and their personal struggles. Very funny, but I would like to see the show bring in more of the ladies' work into play. Besides the first episode, when Emerson was looking for an apartment, there has not been any other properties sold.

    I have seen the show since it started and I like the jokes and the ladies! The way the other practices in the building are intergrated within the show provides for greater plot diversity. I would like to see this show succeed, but in order to do that, I think the writers need to add more material regarding the ladies' work. They need to intergrate comedy while showing the ladies working. On the 10/28/05 show, there was only one line about Emerson's friend buying a place and the rest was just about personal stuff. Even though, it's fantasy, I still cannot help but notice that an office and their apparent expensive lifestyles cannot be maintained on what they seem to sell, which is not much!
  • Hot properties is HOT!

    Love the show, love that it's on a Friday night right before club night starts. The characters are well developed and unique. They create a good balance. Lot's of one liner's but practically all of them are at least laughable. This is at least a hopeful for the "new" sex the city.
  • A quirky sitcom where no one is really funny but the one liners just keep coming.

    I started watching this show with high hopes but I still haven't seen anything of value. Most of the one liners just aren't funny and there are too many of them. The cast is likeable but I'm hoping that the storylines improve and this show actually gets funny. I'll keep watching for awhile.
  • Hot Properties hits close to Home

    This show is quirky, funny, unique and well written. The Caddy sarcastic Banter keeps you laughing and loving every minute of it.
    Women love the sarcasm. The cast is perfect.
    Funny how someone on the show always reminds us of someone we know. Quick wit, Takes no prisnors.
    Couldn't have done it better myself.