Hot Properties - Season 1

ABC (ended 2005)


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  • El Di­a de Compasion
    Everyone is invited over to Lola's house to celebrate El Di­a de Compasion, a traditional holiday from her country. Everyone is supposed to forgive each other for what they've done to irritate each other over the past year, but when their character flaws are pointed out by others they all try to prove that they're not true.moreless
  • GRRR
    Episode 12
    Ava and a client, who also has a much younger partner, begin to be attracted to each other, which makes her worry that her marriage is in trouble. Chloe thinks her dream of a tiger-of-a-man has come true when she meets a strong silent bodyguard. Lola meets a boyfriend who's from a very different background and wonders if he'll be able to look past their differences. Sellers doesn't want to set up Emerson with one of his friends.moreless
  • Killer Bodies
    Killer Bodies
    Episode 11
    Lola's average-looking boyfriend Fletcher is rushed to the hospital after a mysterious attack that looks to have been caused by Lola's sex appeal. The ladies meet Lola at the hospital to try to support her, and while they're there Chloe gets an unexpected medical procedure when she tries flirting with a cute doctor. Meanwhile, Ava is asked to be a mother-to-be's birth coach.moreless
  • It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol on 34th Street
    Chloe gets into an accident while she's hurrying to buy a last-minute gift for a toy giveaway Ava is having. While passed out, she's taken on a journey by the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future (Emerson, Lola, and Ava) who try to show her that her lack of holiday spirit will harm those she cares about.moreless
  • Whatever Lola Wants
    Chloe challenges Lola to make herself look plain and ugly to see if people will be less attracted to her. Lola believes that looks don't matter and is surprised to find out otherwise. Meanwhile, Ava doesn't like her new driver's license picture and asks Emerson to help her get a new one at the DMV.moreless
  • When Chloe Met Marco
    The ladies lose a sale, and to make themselves better they clean out their purses. During the process Emerson finds the receipt for her wedding dress that she never wore. She doesn't want to try to return the dress because the store has a no-refund policy, but Lola convinces her to go to the store with her so she can teach her how to negotiate and get them to take back the dress. Also, Chloe finds in her purse the phone number of a guy she forgot about and calls him up, and Ava realizes she's a shopaholic after she finds a wad of receipts in her purse.moreless
  • The Return of the Ring
    Emerson tries to return her $50,000 engagement ring to Graham, her ex-fiancé, but she's too scared because she's worried about how she'll feel if she sees him. The others volunteer to give him back the ring, but it doesn't work out. Ava also decides to return something - her ex-boss's Rolodex - but her plan doesn't turn out too nicely either; when she tries to return it, he thinks she's trying to flirt with him.moreless
  • Waiting For Oprah
    Waiting For Oprah
    Episode 6
    The ladies have a big real estate sale, and to celebrate Ava buy them each a ticket to see Oprah Winfrey at a taping of one of her shows in Chicago. All the girls are excited, as the tickets are hard to find, and the girls are huge fans of Oprah. Problems arise though as the girls have never traveled with each other. To make things worse, they lose one of the tickets. They go to desperate measures to find another ticket, and are in luck when they run into Gayle King, Oprah's best friend. Meanwhile, Sellers and Charlie learn just how addictive Oprah is when they watch her back at the office.moreless
  • Dating Up, Dating Down
    Everyone analyzes "dating up" and "dating down" after Charlie tells them that he's invested in a nightclub so he can date hot supermodels. Everyone goes to the club and has interesting experiences. Ava sees someone flirting with her husband and worries that his budding acting career may strain their marriage, Lola learns that "dating up" isn't only about money, Chloe ends up dating someone who's "up on going down," and Sellers dates a model with low self esteem.moreless
  • Sex, Lies, and Chubby Chasers
    The women at the office encourage each other to take some risks. Lola starts therapy with Sellers in an effort to find out why she's attracted to so many gay men. Ava decides to tell her husband how old she really is. Chloe dates a man who's trying to make her fat, which she actually enjoys. Emerson tries to convince her rich parents to let her get a job at Hot Properties with Lola, Ava, and Chloe.moreless
  • Online Dating
    Online Dating
    Episode 3
    Lola, Chloe, and Emerson sign up for an Internet dating service. Lola pretends she's a gay man after she sees her gay ex-husband on the website, Chloe becomes "Super Chloe," and Emerson dresses up as Audrey Hepburn when she goes to meet her date. Chloe is stuck with choosing from a bunch of extreme sports enthusiasts who responded to her ads. Ava, who's already married, decides to also join the site, just for fun, but she finds herself in trouble when the dating site makes her their featured profile.moreless
  • Chick Stuff
    Chick Stuff
    Episode 2
    Lola is really upset after her pet chicken died, and Ava tries to make her better by inviting all the girls over to her apartment. The girls end up getting drunk and the next morning they all find out that they drunk dialed someone on their cell phones. Chloe's mom unexpectedly visits, as she received a drunken call from Chloe, who actually meant to have called her eighth-grade boyfriend.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Chloe and Ava find out that they both had a fling with the fiancé of one of their clients, Emerson Ives, who thinks that her fiancé is a virgin like she is. Ava also goes to a fertility specialist with her husband, Lola tries to re-enter the dating world, and Chloe finds out that no man has ever been "that into her."moreless
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