Hot Properties

Season 1 Episode 7

The Return of the Ring

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 15, 2005 on ABC



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    • Emerson: I didn't know you were married, Charlie.
      Charlie: Yeah.. The best six months in my life. Too bad that was spread over four and a half years.

    • Sellers: You were married to Pam Brady?!
      Charlie: Yeah.. You know her?
      Sellers: She's a complete idiot!!
      Charlie: Ha.. So you do know her.

    • Ava: I haven't seen the jerk in 11 years and I see him twice in one day.
      Lola: It's probably a coincidence.
      Ava: But it's definitely a coincidence but why did it have to a crappy one? I mean, why couldn't I have seen a George Clooney movie and come out and see George Clooney in person? I mean, that's the kind of coincidence I want.

    • Ted: Ironic, isn't it? All those times I had you trapped in the corner, saying no and now, here you are...I guess the hunter has become the hunted. But I'm sorry this jungle cat has been tagged and bagged. (shows wedding ring)

    • Ted: Oh, I bet you are hungry for a little Ted on rye with a sweet pickle.
      Ava: This is a chinese restaurant.
      Ted: Alright, Ted 'fu-yong' with a spring roll. Point remains the same, kitchen is closed(shows his wedding ring).
      (Ava shows her hand with her wedding ring)

      Ted: Right, yes, you're married too.
      Ava: I'm not pointing at my ring finger...

    • Lola: We did not fail. We just succeeded in the exact opposite of what we intended to do.

    • Chloe: Take back this ring, you selfish jackass!

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