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  • From a cop car dash baord or in the sky watching a famous LA police chase, Hot Pursuit is all about adrenaline running.

    From a cop car dash baord or in the sky watching a famous LA police chase, Hot Pursuit is all about adrenaline running. Great show to watch for you avid fans of cop shows. I for one love to sit down and watch criminals get what they deserve. This show has tons of police chases and crashes. Great to sit and watch while sipping a drink and eating yoru favorite saturated fat induced chips. The show is pretty neat seeing all the behind the scenes videos the average person does not see. It's pretty crazy some of those lunitics onthe road running from the police. Do they really think they can get away? Especially now that cops are using those new Hemi powered Dodge Chargers? I think not. ;D Great show, give it a try.
  • It's pretty fun to watch cars going crazy on the roads and then to see the police arrest them.

    Hot Pursuit is a show where cops chase wild drivers who have usually done something wrong. It's funny to see them, it's quite interesting too. It's honestly astounding to see someone do something insane on the roads, as in this show, and then to see the cops hand it to 'em afterwards! There's lots of crazy things that can happen on the roads, and Hot Pursuit shows the best of them. It's insane that people would have a mind to do that, but it's fun to watch them on TV! It's a great show that's similar to all your crime shows like Cops and stuff. Hot Pursuit tackles a different aspect of crime and makes a heck of a show!
  • Hot Pursuit is a show that shows high speed car chases and pursuits of any other form.

    Hot Pursuit, unlike World's Wildest Police Videos, does not include bank robberies, shoplifting, and mob videos. Hot Pursuit has the meat and potatoes. That meat and potatoes is rubber and metal, respectively. The chases are exciting and there's no way that any drunk driving stop could do anything in the way of bringing World's Wildest Police Videos to the level of Hot Pursuit. Getting back to the metaphor of meat and potatoes, those potatoes are mashed. When the cops shoot the tires out and those rims are running on nothing but asphalt and sidewalk, that's what I like to consider the gravy on those mashed potatoes. An addition that does nothing but good. Altogether a GREAT show.
  • Another reason not to ever break the law.

    Tracks the most edgy and strange chases. The police always win, running drunk/high/angry/ignorant people to a halt or off the road. Laugh at the miscreant's stupidity; learn a lesson as you see the fruits of reckless behavior.

    We all love cop shows, but this one is even better than most, as the narration is actually pleasant to listen to, a miraculous achievement in itself; the gentleman tells you stories of the cases without belaboring the point. No melodrama, no arrogance, just brisk, funny and smart.

    The show is run from time to time on Court TV. I think it is one of the best police programs this side of 'Cops.'
  • WAY better than Police Videos

    This show started a while after Police Videos ended. The videos in this show are from the present day (2002-2006). Some of the videos were already used from Police Videos, but there are plenty others that are extremely awesome.

    The crashes in this show are so unbelieveable when you first see them. I think the most unbelieveable tape I've ever seen was when cops were chasing this armed guy in Montana. They then rearended his Mustang and he drove right onto the police car's hood! Then at the end of the tape, this other cop t-boned the car while he was shooting at them and actually knocked the gun out of his hand!

    This, without a doubt, is one of the fastest shows on TV. It's seriously entertaining!

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