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Hot Rod TV

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Hot Rod TV is an automotive series on Speed TV that specializes in all things fast. If you love cars and adrenaline, then you'll love this program. From stripping down and rebuilding a carnivorous 800 horsepower engine to watching two vintage Shelby Cobra's drag-race one another down a desolate desert highway, Hot Rod TV has it all. It's programming meant for the gear head and the heavy-footed. Every race and every build is more exciting than the next. Ever wonder what Jay Leno's favorite hot rod is? Why follow him into his extensive collection as he shows some of his most prized automotive possessions. Watch step-by-step tutorials in installing new tail pipes and mufflers, or find out about the history and roots of your favorite Detroit muscle car. From classic collectables to knarley newbies, Hot Rod TV takes you beyond the pavement and under the hoods of all the latest and greatest automotive machines.

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AIRED ON 8/3/2000

Season 1 : Episode 10

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Auto Sports, high stake situations, tech heavy, adrenaline junkies, baby boomers