Hot Springs Hotel

Season 1 Episode 5

Corporate Raiders

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1997 on Showtime



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    • Lacey: Well, we had a new guest check in.
      Kat: Great.
      Lacey: Uh-uh.
      Kat: Not great? Who is it?
      (Lacey hands Kat a magazine containing Pamela's photo)
      Kat: Could she be vacationing with us?
      Lacey: If she wanted to lounge, she would hang out at any of the 47 hotels she already owns. You've been targeted by the Executioner.
      Kat: Okay. We need a plan.
      Lacey: Shoot them and stuff their bodies down the laundry chute?
      Kat: We don't have a laundry chute.

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