Hot Wheels Highway 35

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Hot Wheels Highway 35

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AcceleRacers is a brand new chapter in the Hot Wheels saga! Vert Wheeler, Kurt Wylde, Taro Kitano and Mark Wylde are back with brand new cars, new teams and new drivers at their sides. Two new teams are formed, Teku and Metal Maniacs, and their mission is to stop the Racing Drones, a sinister team driven by an ancient evil that has destroyed Highway 35 and put Tezla's life in danger. Also back for the adventure are former World Race drivers Lani Tam and Kadeem who are now working behind-the-scenes for Tezla along with his sidekick Gig. It's been two years since the World Race so expect some changes in Vert and Mark who are now older and more experienced. AcceleRacers will air in four parts. Each part will air seperately throughout the year: Cartoon Network Schedule January 8, 2005: Part One (Ignition) March 19, 2005: Part Two (Speed of Silence) June 25, 2005: Part Three (Breaking Point) October 1, 2005: Part Four (Ultimate Race) AcceleRacer Teams Teku™ The ultimate in advanced high-tech and expensive high-fashion cars. Driver (Leader): Nolo Pasaro - Vehicles: Synkro, SpecTyte™, High Voltage™ Driver: Vert Wheeler - Vehicles: Power Rage®, Reverb™, Nightlife™ Driver: Kurt Wylde - Vehicle: Battle Spec Driver: Karma Eiss - Vehicle: Chicane™ Driver: Shirako Takamoto - Vehicle: Bassline™ Metal Maniacs™ Supercharged muscle machines that combine high-tech components and junkyard parts. Driver (Leader): Tork Maddox - Vehicle: Hollowback™ Driver: Mark Wylde - Vehicles: Spine Buster™, Flathead Fury™ Driver: Taro Kitano - Vehicle: Rivited™ Driver: Deezel "Porkchop" Riggs - Vehicles: Jack Hammer™, Jaw Jammer™, Piledriver™ Driver: Mitch "Monkey" McClurg - Vehicles: Rollin' Thunder™, Rat-ified™ Racing Drones™ Former test robots superior to any human adversary. Driver (Leader): Gelorum - Vehicle: RD09 Driver: RD-L1 - Vehicle: RD05 Driver: RD-S1 - Vehicles: RD02, RD06, RD08 Driver: MD-01 - Vehicle: RD07 World Race Based on the comic book series created by Starlight Runner Entertainment for Mattel to celebrate Hot Wheels 35th anniversary. The comic books where made up of 35 miniature editions that were included with the 35 cars featured in the World Race line and one full length graphic novel which was sold exclusively at Target stores. Starlight Runner created an entire storyline and 35 different characters in their series which revolved around the Hot Wheels World Race. Five teams, made up of the 35 drivers and their unique vehicles, were put together to compete in an incredible race through another dimension containing amazing and dangerous racing tracks. The teams were put together based on the drivers' special skills, abilities and experience. Their terrain specialties included urban, volcano, jungle, ocean and desert. World Race Teams: Wave Rippers™ Specialty: Ocean. Their vehicles can drive across and under water. Driver (Leader): Josef "Vert" Wheeler - Vehicle: Deora® II Driver: Alec "Hud" Wood - Vehicle: Switchback Driver: Finn Serpa - Vehicle: Backdraft™ Driver: Lani Tam - Vehicle: '55 Chevy® Nomad® Driver: Felix Sharkey - Vehicle: Power Pipes® Driver: Fluke - Vehicle: Chrysler Thunderbolt Driver: Mark Wylde - Vehicle: Corvette® Stingray® Street Breed™ Specialty: Urban. They grew up racing through the fast and furious streets of the world's major cities. Driver (Leader): Kurt Wylde - Vehicle: Sling Shot™ Driver: Dan Dresden - Vehicle: Side Draft™ Driver: Toño - Vehicle: Pontiac® Rageous Driver: Ricky Bell - Vehicle: 24/Seven™ Driver: Bart "Shrimp" Scampi - Vehicle: Road Rocket™ Driver: San Jay Khan - Vehicle: Aeroflash® Driver: Maximo - Vehicle: Pontiac® Firebird® Road Beasts™ Specialty: Jungle. With spikes and buzz saw blades their vehicles can cut through any jungle or forest. Driver (Leader): Banjee Castillo - Vehicle: Ballistik™ Driver: Ric Handy - Vehicle: Zotic™ Driver: Pete Karris - Vehicle: Twin Mill® Driver: Jerry Boylan - Vehicle: Moto-Crossed™ Driver: Skeet - Vehicle: Vulture® Driver: Yucatan - Vehicle: Power Rocket™ Driver: Esmeralda Sanchez - Vehicle: Power Pistons® Dune Ratz™ Specialty: Desert. Their vehicles can handle long stretches of desert. Driver (Leader): Brian "Zone" Kadeem - Vehicle: Krazy 8s™ Driver: Mojave - Vehicle: Wild Thing™ Driver: Toni Berri - Vehicle: Toyota RSC Driver: Chuvo - Vehicle: Ford F-150 Driver: Charlie Raffa - Vehicle: Sweet 16® II Driver: Heralda - Vehicle: '69 El Camino™ Driver: Rekkas - Vehicle: Mega-Duty™ Scorchers™ Specialty: Volcano. Mountains and volcanoes are a breeze and their vehicles even have reinforced tires which can drive through lava. Driver (Leader): Taro Kitano - Vehicle: '70 Road Runner Driver: Vesuvius - Vehicle: 1/4 Mile Coupe™ Driver: Harrison Lau - Vehicle: Red Baron® Driver: Everest - Vehicle: '57 Thunderbird Driver: Wayne Casper - Vehicle: Dodge® Charger R/T Driver: Jet Blaney - Vehicle: '63 Corvette® Driver: Krakatoa - Vehicle: Muscle Tone® The Animated Series When Mattel decided to turn the comics into an animated series they turned to Canadian-based Mainframe Entertainment, experts in computer animation they are the producers responsible for the groundbreaking series Reboot and the latest Spider-Man series as seen on MTV. Mainframe worked closely with the comic's creators, Starlight Runner, to bring the story to life and create an action-packed show. The series introduced us to scientific genius Peter Tezla who recruits the world's best drivers to race through Highway 35. Highway 35 was hidden until Tezla discovered it and found that it lead to another dimension filled with great obstacles. But somewhere in the hidden dimension was an unlimited source of clean energy known as the Wheel of Power. Tezla hopes that whoever wins the race can bring him the Wheel of Power so that he may be able to tap into its power and help human kind. Unfortunately for Tezla, the racers face a challenge even greater than the dimension's ultimate racing tracks...a mystery racer known as Racer Zed-36, who could be working for someone much more sinister than him. In the middle of all the action we also get a glimpse into the lives of the racers and the relationships between them. Although the series features many characters it mainly centers on the rivalry between Wave Rippers leader Vert, a cocky teenager, and Street Breed leader Kurt Wylde, a tough and serious racer. Broadcast History Highway 35 was originally planned as a straight-to-video series but Cartoon Network ran the entire series before every episode could be released on video. The series premiered during Cartoon Network's now defunct Saturday night SVES action lineup and aired alongside other shows such as Samurai Jack. It was later rerun in October 2003 during Cartoon Network's Toonami block Fridays after Transformers Armada, back when Toonami aired on weekdays. The series received a third run in February 2004 during Toonami's Friday Specials. In January 2005, Hot Wheels returned to Toonami (which had now moved to Saturdays replacing SVES) but this time it was for the first episode of AcceleRacers, the next chapter in the Hot Wheels adventures. It premiered to stellar numbers and boosted Cartoon Network's ratings by 74%. The next AcceleRacers episode will air in June. If you're up for the adventure then strap yourself in, pump up the Nitrox 2 and get ready for a wild ride!moreless

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