Hot Wheels Highway 35

Season 2 Episode 1

AcceleRacers: Ignition

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jan 08, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • The World Race is over. Now the TRUE race begins!

    World Race? Been there. Now it's time for the true hardships to begin. In this first installment of four movies, we re-enter the endavors of Vert Wheeler, Kurt and Markie Wylde and Taro Kitano, but this time they come back with new teams and more races. Enter the Metal Maniacs and Teku racing teams. Two rivals in every way. The Metal Maniacs are burly drivers (except their resident mechanical wizard Mitch "Monkey" McClurg, that is), and their cars are all wrapped in chains, spikes and fireballs, and that includes not just Tork Maddox, Mitch "Monkey" McClurg and Deezel "Porkchop" Riggs, but their more recent additions, Taro and Markie, now known simply as "Wylde". Then there's their polar opposite, the Teku. Brash, young and flashy, the Teku tend to show off in races than just win. That rule holds true to Nolo Passaro and Shirako Takamoto, not so much to Karma Eiss (who will show off, but only in very scare situations), as well as Vert and Kurt. And believe me, there's more to the two teams than what's on the surface.

    Enter the rivalry that is Tork Maddox, leader of the Metal Maniacs, against Nolo Passaro, leader of the Teku. Tork and Nolo's brother, Tone Passaro, were in a race, and during the race, Tone crashed and died. From the Teku's perspective, the Maniacs messed with Tone's car to make it crash. From the Maniacs' perspective, it was a freak accident. Either way, Tone's dead, and Nolo's putting the blame squarely on Tork's shoulders.

    Anyway, on to the actual movie. You'd think that it was just any average night. The Teku are all hanging out on a cliffside road. Shirako's got his music pumping like a second heart and Nolo, Kurt and Vert are discussing who should race. Enter Tork, Taro and Monkey. Oh, and Wylde. After a race along the cliffside track (and Nolo trying to kill Tork for revenge), Wylde busts up the race and puts both Tork and Nolo's cars out of commission, then nearly sends HIS car off a cliff after nearly nailing...Gig? And of course, that means that ol' Dr. Tezla's up to something. Gig tells them about a new race. Everyone (except Karma) goes because of the race, save Monkey who's in it for the money (because he heard from Wylde that Tezla's put in millions of dollars on drivers).

    At Tezla's old workshop, the racers meet up with another familiar face from the World Race, Kadeem. He takes them to Tezla's new headquarters, the AcceleDrome. There, they meet up with another World Race competitor and Tezla's assistant, Lani Tam. At Tezla's headquarters, they find out that the Wheel Of Power did more than give off power. They found out it actually unlocked new racetracks which Gelorum and her Racing Drones have been going on and winning uncontested! So of course the racers head into the first of many realms, the Storm Realm.

    In the Storm Realm, lightning is always striking above a track miles above any real land. And of course, the results are disasterous. Taro's car is junked, Monkey's car is blown into a million pieces, Kurt's car is wrecked, the guys lose and Vert nearly doesn't make it out of the realm! Fortunately, Monkey's called in some help after the race. But for some reason, Shirako and Nolo show up! Apparently, Kurt made a phone call too. Well, Tork shows up afterwards. After some more confrontation between Nolo and Tork, the party gets busted up by a loud truck horn. From Porkchop, of course. And he's thought ahead and brought more than his car. He brought a spare car for Monkey and Taro. Fortunately, everything gets fixed up and done before the next realm, the Swamp Realm, opens.

    In the Swamp Realm, the road splits into about 50 other sections of track. If you watch closely, you might find another World Race competitor's car...
    Anyway, at the end of the track, a giant swamp beast captures most of the cars on the track! Not Nolo, however. After he rips through the track, driven by memories of his brother, everyone manages to get out in time. And of course, Tork and Nolo continue to sling zingers at each other.

    In truth, the series would've been better if they had done more realms. But for what they did, they did it right. Anything that you saw in the Highway 35 series gets smoked by this new series, and it'll blow your mind. If you're curious about this series, check it out and you'll be blown away like the Highway 35 sign in the beginning of the movie.
  • Its a high speed battleground as two teams,Teku and Metal Maniacs,of human racers compete with the lethal robotic racing drones through the awesome racing realms to win accelechargers which give their cars ultimate powers.Back for more are the former worl

    This is the first episode of the AcceleRacers series.Former world race drivers,Vert Wheeler,Taro Kitano,Kurt and Mark Wylde,are back for more loops,leaps,stunts and action.Two new teams were formed and they are the Teku and the Metal Maniacs.The members of the Teku team are Nolo Pasoro[[leader]],Kurt Wylde,Vert Wheeler,Shirako Takamoto and Karma Eiss.The members of the Metal Maniacs are Tork Maddox[[currently the leader]],Mark Wylde,Moneky,Porkchop and Taro Kitano.The Teku cars are all expensive and high-fashioned while the Metal Maniacs cars are all rough and devilish.At the beginning of the episode,Wylde[[Markie]] was riding spine buster to the coast road.At the coast road,Vert was telling Nolo that he knows the coast road better than anyone else because he used to come out there surfing before he could drive.Nolo told Vert that he was driving before he could drive and Vert answered back by saying 'What does that even mean' or something like that.Then Nolo replies by shouting 'Remember whose the Teku leader huh!' and folowed by 'This is my race Vert,stay out of it'.I hate Nolo for shouting and scolding Vert coz i love Vert.Then Vert mumbles to Kurt saying 'He's only the leader because of his brother' and goes away.Then,Nolo raced Tork but both of their car end up to be wrecked by Wylde with his spine buster.Then when Wylde was driving,Gig was in front of him and he quickly step on the brakes but end up falling of the cliff but uses his grappling hook to save himself.Monkey,Taro,Vert,Kurt and Karma quickly drive there and Monkey checked whether Wylde was ok.Kurt look so worried since Wylde is his little brother but was relief after monkey said that Wylde's ok.Vert and Kurt walked towards Gig and asked him why was he there.Gig replied by saying that Tezla needed their help.Kurt asked how come Tezla didn't talked to them when they needed more nitrox.Gig said that Tezla needed all the fuel for his research.Vert told Gig that he wanted to go to the portal again and race in highway 35 but Gig answered back that they can't go into the portal again because Gelorum and the racing drones had stolen the wheel of power.Karma asked Gig what are these racing drones and gig told her that they are robots built for driving and she asked gig if they are any good.Gig replied by saying 'They're robots.They're perfect'.Karma smiled and said 'Perfect'.Vert,Kurt,Karma,Monkey,Taro and Wylde drived to Tezla's Cube which was now in ruins because of the drones and they meet up with Kadeem who brought them to the new headquarters which was the AcceleDrome.There,they meet up with Lani and Dr Tezla.Lani and Kadeem explain to them all about the racing realms and the incredible abilities they could gain when they reach at the finish line first.Suddenly,the siren went on and the holographic wheel was moving and it is an indicator that a new realm was opening.The storm realm was opened and there they raced.They didn't managed to survive because of the drones attacking them and the lightning shooting at them.Taro and Kurt was hurt in the realm.Monkey's car was destroyed.Vert's repainted Teku version Deora II was split into half because he didn't know that the realm opens for 1 hour and that he drives back to look for kadeem who was being attacked by the drones.Kurt's slingshot was left in the realm because it was wrecked by the lightning and the crashed.Well,i think that i'll end of here and if you wanna find out more,go and buy the dvd.Its a very AWESOME movie and you'll miss out the fun if you don't watch it.
  • Some of the World Race drivers are back in another action packed series. With Kurt Wylde, Vert Wheeler, Taro Kitano, and Markie Wylde at the wheel, we know we're all in for one "Wylde" ride.

    World Race was a great series. It had cool cars, and cool drivers to go with them. But one thing that it didn't have was the level of character emotion and interaction like AcceleRacers Ignition has.
    AcceleRacers: Ignition takes place two years after the World Race series, bringing back some of the old drivers (Kurt, Vert, Taro, Markie, Kadeem) and quite a few new ones, including Tork Maddox, the Metal Maniacs buff and tough leader; Nolo Pasaro, leader of the Teku who is out for revenge because of his brother Tone's death; the attractive and level-headed Teku, Karma Eiss; the music loving Teku, Shirako Takamoto; the agile Maniac, Monkey; and the big, loveable Maniac Porkchop. Along with these drivers are Lani Tam, a driver from World Race, Doctor Tezla, Gig, Gelorum and her Racing Drones.
    We get a much more in-depth look at the drivers relationships with each other, and you can almost feel the tension on and off the track between the Teku and the Metal Maniacs.
    Ignition starts off showing the Wheel of Power being taken by the Racing Drones, and Dr. Tezla barely escaping from the clutches of a robot. Durning the opening we see the Racing Drones HQ and loads of cars being made. Next we jump to an old road on the coast where someone in a car, at night, with sunglasses on is driving rather quickly. Then it moves to a car look-out place where a bunch of cars and people are gathered. We then get our first glimpse at the characters. Vert is argueing with Nolo and a very attractive Kurt Wylde, is looking on (I will admit, before I heard him talk I thought it was going to be Markie... didn't think that Kurt and Vert would have teamed up.) Nolo then reminds Vert who the Teku leader is, we catch glimpses of Shirako and Karma, and Vert mumbles to Kurt that the only reason Nolo is leader is because of Tone, Nolo's brother.
    Then a familiar voice asks them if they are here to fight or to race... We see the character and hmm... his eye brows look like Taro Kitano.... but no, it can't be... Taro was attractive in World Race. What happened? But yes, he is Taro. We then see Tork get out of his car, Monkey fixing up a go light, and the driver with the sun glasses on. We go into a flashback and see Kurt and... OMG What the heck happened to MARKIE? In the flashback Kurt calls Markie, Markie, but Markie hits Kurt and says, "The name's Wylde." (snicker)
    So we get it that Kurt and Markie are not close, but why?
    The race between Nolo and Tork starts and we learn in another Flash Back that Tork is the cause of Tone's death. Markie pulls up between them, causes them to crash and then Markie swerves to miss Gig, who is floating in the middle of the road, and goes over the edge. He uses his grappling hook to save himself (hmm, this scene reminded me of World Race when Markie went over the edge)
    Gig tells all the drivers the Dr. Tezla needs them and Kurt, Vert, Monkey, Taro, and Wylde all go with Gig. They head to Dr. Tezla's old HQ and meet Kadeem there, and then they go to Tezla's new HQ.
    They get briefed on whats going on and then the Wheel of Power opens a new realm and the drivers go in. It is the Storm Realm... the drivers are racing... Kadeem gets dragged over the edge by a drone... Vert can't save him... he goes back to get Kadeem, learns that the portal is open for only an hour, he races back, and half of the Deora II gets cut off.
    Okay, so our boys, and girl, have suffered damages. We also find out that Dr. Tezla is walking around in a Cybernetics suit because of what the drones did to him. Everyone seems to have been hurt or something, and it looks like everything is lost... but here comes more drivers! Shirako and Nolo come to help out their fellow Teku and Tork and Porkchop come to help the Metal Maniacs. They fix up their cars and head back into the Realm... the Swamp Realm... once again, Vert's car is left behind... but luckly Nolo wins the race and is awarded an AcceleCharger.
    Tork and Nolo say some threats to each other, and both the Teku and the Metal Manaics seem like they are ready to take each other on, but Kadeem's laugh fills the air and Dr. Tezla tells them that Kadeem drove because he knew Gelorum had to be stopped. Touching.
    The episode ends with Gelorum telling a drone that she downloaded his memories into another unit and that if he fails again he will be deleted.
    Over all this is a great episode. I love it! I have to say I like it more than Ring of Fire! I enjoy seeing the cars and all, but I really like the character development. The rest of the series is going to be good!