Hot Wheels Highway 35

Season 2 Episode 2

AcceleRacers: The Speed of Silence

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Mar 19, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Teku and Metal Maniacs teams face off in a pulse-pounding pursuit for the AcceleCharger from two new racing realms,the Water realm and the Metro realm.Meanwhile,Tezla and his crew work to unlock the mystery of the accelecharger power,hoping to gain an

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!Its a totally awesome episode.I love it when Vert was driving in the water realm with the hyper-pod.He was enjoying himself and he looks totally damn CUTE=D.I enjoy watching the teamwork of the Teku and the Metal Maniacs during the Metro realm when Tork was trying to save Monkey and Nolo from the sweeper and how Karma was distracting the drones and how she lead the driverless sweeper.This episode is AWESOME and for those who haven't watch it,you're so gonna miss out the fun.Speed never looks so good.(ooc:Im so happy abt Vert winning the Ultimate Race and how he was given the title 'AcceleRacer' by the Accelerons in the 'Ultimate Race'.Can't wait to watch it.)