Hot Wheels Highway 35

Season 2 Episode 4

AcceleRacers: The Ultimate Race

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Oct 01, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • where is the next movie?

    i am just waiting for the next movie!
  • The fourth of four installments in the Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers movie series. Wylde's been captured by the drones, and Kurt's come up with a plan to save him. And all the while, Gelorum's still on the warpath for the AcceleChargers! Will Vert be able t

    This movie was awesome. If you saw the Micro-Adventures on the site before the movie, you might actually wonder "why did Taro and Kurt get into the realm so late?". And when you see Monkey taking on the massive Sweeper driving drone, that's pretty impressive. And the fact that Monkey was driving it is cool too. Then the scene where Vert is racing against Gelorum. I knew he was going to win, but the whole time I was secretly saying "come on, crash like you always do!". The Acceleron was cool too. As Vert would say, "he looked like this blue dude in a jumpsuit". And the fact he wasted Gelorum was cool too. But one of the Silencerz drivers being Vert's dad? That was sick. In a good way. I want to see another one. I just wonder when they're going to release this and Breaking Point on DVD.
  • Markie was saved from the drones, Burt got accepted as an acceleron and knew that his father is the Silencerz leader, everyone loses their cars and everyone gets forgiven. The real meaning of the realms and the accelechargers was revealed, and hopefully

    Well, I slightly disagree with some of those points. As you may recall, in the Ultimate challenge, while the teams where saving Markie from the drones, other drones made into the acceledrome, where Tezla was meeting with a Silencer. Although the Silencers had the other accelechargers, the drones stealed them also, and also the accelechargers that Tezla had. The ultimate race portal will only open if all of the accelechargers where present, which was the case.

    But I will sincerely wait for the sequel, because the fact that Burt's father is the leader of the silencers, and because the conversation between the two is unavoidable... "Son, we need to talk..." most interesting!!!
  • Awesome, but some loose ends. IT'S NOT OVER!

    The saga of Acceleracers is complete, but the final scene just BEGS for another sequel. The final episode ended in a cliffhanger and I will be waiting anxiously for the third installment of the Hot Wheels trilogy. With an ending like that, you know they've got to have a new series planned out already.

    However, there were a few discreprencies during the Ultimate Race. We saw Gelorum using the Metro and Cosmic Accelechargers, but she shouldn't have had them. If memory serves, the Silencerz won the Accelecharger in the Cosmic Realm, and I KNOW they got the Accelecharger in the Metro Realm(We saw that as Kurt approached the exit portal in the Metro Realm, the symbol was still lit, showing that no one had finished the Realm yet, Taro was convinced that Kurt won, but Kurt didn't get the Accelecharger. The obvious conclusion is that an invisible Silencerz car was just ahead of him and hit the portal first) They also won the Neon Pipeline Accelecharger, but we didn't see any visuals of the Neon Pipeline portion of the Ultimate Race, so who knows if she used the Accelecharger in that one or not, but it still begs the question of how she got those missing Accelechargers. We know the Drones didn't raid the Silencerz base because it was perfectly intact at the finale.
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