Hot Wheels Highway 35

Saturday 6:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jul 12, 2003 In Season


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  • Greatest Flim ever!

    OMG This movie is so great, that there is nothing wrong with this movie. Thumbs up if you agree. 100/100 Marvelous
  • Greatest Film ever!

    OMG This movie is so great, That there is nothing wrong with this movie. Tumbs up if you argee.
  • this pilm is the most greatest pilm I never see in my life

    the film is greatest film ,the race in pilm is reary cool. The speed is to speed end the pilm is more perfech, is hot the TEKU is the pilm is realy hot. Is is realy cool and hot. the robot is the race realy cheat and argly when see they I feel realy angry. And must go to the battroom and I is realy needer. On the film, when there gas out there race like this and when there gas full there race like this . There race is realy hot and cool and great. I realy like film
  • Pretty cool!

    They have this listed as a TV series. I saw it on DVD as a movie, and a pretty long one at that for a cartoon feature. The plot, if you can call it that, is that Doctor Tesla has discovered Highway 35, a series of inter-dimensional racetracks that lead to the Wheel of Power. It's the new millennium's version of Speed Racer. The good doctor believes the Wheel "is a source of immeasurable power". He proceeds to recruit a group of international drivers who he arms with high tech cars in the hopes they will navigate the route to get him the Wheel. There's more but whatever. It's a good enough excuse to send a bunch of hot cars on layouts that could be on Mars (and that do look suspiciously like high-end Hot Wheels layouts). The graphics are really well done and there's dimension to the various drivers, once you watch it enough to be able to tell them apart with their helmets on. Hot Wheels has (incredibly) blown this great marketing opportunity, as it is virtually impossible to pick up Highway 35 cars anywhere. But my 3 year old loves it, so take a ride on Doc Tesla's Highway 3-5.
  • I liked NASCAR Racers better, but this show was still cool. Had a sci-fi thing to it.

    I don't remember this show very well, as Cartoon Network showed it for two weeks and then kept tossing it around, but it was adventurous. A new reality would be accessed at a certain speed, and a new race track with new challenges and dangers every race. Very suspenseful, and you couldn't tell who was against who. The villains and heroes were well thought out, and the graphics were up there with most recent shows. The storyline was so-so, but does not leave much to be desired. This show is pretty good, and I wish they would bring it back.
  • Fresh from acing his driving test, cool teenage surfer Vert Wheeler got chosen with a handful of world-famous racers to drive a parallel dimension known as Highway 35. Their sponsor is a mysterious scientist.Their mission is to capture the Wheel of Power.

    I love this show!Its the reason why i became a big hot wheels highway 35 fan!I started out not liking hot wheels because its childish-boyish.But when the World Race series aired at Kidscentral two years ago,i started to like hot wheels because the cars are cool,the characters are cute and nice and the storyline is sweet but what really caught my attention of starting to watch the series was how adorable Vert looks=D.He's so cute and ADORABLE>.
  • As soon as I heard of a HotWheels show, I had to see it.

    It was weird actually. Barbie had movies, so I was expecting Hot Wheels, too. I waited three years after Barbie was released. But I had been waiting longer. One day in 2003 I was walking around Zellers(HBC). I walked up to the DVD section and there it was! HotWheels World Race. It was really cool. Then I heard about the next HotWheels set. AcceleRacers. In the first one it was weird. There were two teams. The Teku and the Metal Maniacs. Everyone was older. Finally every team leader from World Race was introduced. Except Banjee. The in the swamp realm, it showed Banjee`s car in the swamp water. Weird, huh? Does anyone know what happened to Banjee?