Hot Wheels Highway 35

Season 1 Episode 1

World Race: Ring of Fire

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jul 12, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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World Race: Ring of Fire
The five leaders for the World Race teams, Wave Rippers, Scorchers, Street Breed, Dune Ratz and Road Beasts, are chosen and are quickly sent into Highway 35 where their first challenge includes the lava-filled Volcano Track. But things heat up when Wave Ripper Lani Tam gets caught in the uncontrolable lava of the volcano.moreless

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  • The five leaders for the World Race teams, Wave Rippers, Scorchers, Street Breed, Dune Ratz and Road Beasts, are chosen and are quickly sent into Highway 35 where their first challenge includes the lava realm. But things heat up when Lani gets caught in tmoreless

    This episode is special because its the first ever episode or the beginning episode of the Highway 35 series.In this episode,Vert was choosen by Dr Tezla to drive in highway 35.Vert just finished his driving test since its his birthday and came home to found Deora II there with a message from Tezla.What really caught my attention to watch this series was how adorable Vert looks.So,i started watching and i enjoyed it.The first leg of the race happened in a lava realm and Lani was caught in the lava but luckily,Vert and Taro saved her.Vert is so handsome,cute and ADORABLE!!!I can't believe he is the reason for me to watch this series.moreless
  • Great way to kick off a new series... loaded with action, and then some!

    I was really looking foward for this series. I've always been a big Hot Wheels fan, so when I heard about this series I was biting at the bit for it to come out! I couldn't wait to see it.

    This first episode, Ring of Fire, leaves nothing to be desired, except for the next episode!

    We meet some of the drivers, including Vert Wheeler, the main character of the series. Vert is an enthusiastic young man who just turned sixteen and just started driving. After getting home from his test, he finds a car, Deora II parked in his drive way with a message from Dr. Tezla, inviting him to compete in the World Race. He excepts off course. When Vert arrives at Tezla's head quarters we are indroduced to the some of the other drivers including, Scourchers leader, Taro Kitano, Dune Ratz leader, Brian "Zone" Kadeem, Street Breed leader, Kurt Wylde, and Banjee Castillo, the RoadBeast leader. We also are indroduced to Lani Tam, a Wave Ripper like Vert.

    The drivers then learn about their cars' special ability, and then start the race... in another demention! This place is hot like a volcano, perfect for the Scourcers. After a little foul play from a mysterious driver, Lani gets trapped in lava and it is up to Taro and Vert to save her... but can they?moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Before the lava collapsed on Lani and her car in the Ring of Fire, the '55 Chevy Nomad has a number 6 on the back. Lani's uniform in the movie and all the other merchandise you can buy have the car with the number 4.

    • In the scene where Tezla is introducing the vehicle's abilities, he call Kadeem's team the ''Desert Ratz.''

    • When you see Kadeem looking at his car for the first time, you can see ''Team Leader'' already written on the spoiler. Of course this is before the Team Leaders were chosen by Tezla.

    • Despite the fact that all 35 cars were modeled and are used, the same isn't true for all 35 drivers. In the scene where Tezla tells the drivers about the Wheel of Power, the Esmeralda character model appears both in front of and behind Vert without having time to cross the intervening distance.

    • After Lani abandons her car after getting swamped by the lava, we see that the door is open. How'd she get out and to that rock without getting burnt to a crisp? As soon as she opened the door, that superhot lava would've immediately flooded the car's interior.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Vert: Yeah! Shoot the curl.

    • Alec: The only thing better than catching a wave... is catching five million big ones.
      Lani: What are you gonna do with yours, Vert?
      Vert: I'd like to buy a used car. My Deora II. Will Tezla sell it to me?

    • Vert: Lani, grab the grappling line.
      Vert: On the count of three, Taro and I will unhook our lines.
      Vert: The boulder goes over, and I'll pull you up.
      Taro: You're crazy, kid.
      Vert: Do it, Taro. One, two...three!
      Taro: That was good drivin'... for a kid.

    • Vert: Next time you wanna lose to me, Alec, try surfin'. Water's a lot softer.
      Alec: We oughta get up a team, Vert. Surf or skateboards... either one. We could get sponsored.
      Vert: Haven't you heard? I'm a team of one. Later.

      Vert: What's up, Dad?
      Major Wheeler: My squadron's shipping out. High alert.
      Vert: But you were gonna take me to get my driver's license.
      Major Wheeler: I can drop you off, Vert, but I don't have time to wait for you.
      Vert: But I've been waiting 16 years. Anyway, what's the point of having a license without a car?
      Major Wheeler: Look, I'm sorry I have to go... especially on your birthday. But I've got a responsibility to my squadron. We're a team. And as a team...
      Vert: You said as soon as I was 16 I could drive the car.
      Major Wheeler: Skateboards, surfing. Now cars. Someday you'll find out what's really important.
      Vert: You mean more important than what I want.
      Major Wheeler: You can't always do what you want. You have to think about other people.
      Vert: I'm gonna be the best driver in the world.
      Major Wheeler: I don't have time for this. Do you want me to drop you off or not?

    • Tezla: World Race drivers, start your engines!

    • [after Tezla divulges that the winner of the World Race will receive $5 million]
      Vert: Way cool! What would you do if you had that kind of money?
      Taro: I do, and I've done it.

  • NOTES (5)