Hot Wheels Highway 35

Season 1 Episode 2

World Race: The Greatest Challenge

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jul 19, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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World Race: The Greatest Challenge
Just as the teams get ready for the Greatest Challenge, a giant and deadly road blocking device, Kurt's younger brother Mark joins in on the adventure. But, as enthusiastic as Mark is, Kurt doesn't want his kid brother around. Fortunately, Vert is impressed by the driving ability of his rival's brother so he asks Mark to join the Wave Rippers.moreless

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  • Following Ring of Fire was deffinately difficult, but this episode pulls it off!

    If you thought the series couldn't get any better, you were wrong! We are now introduced to an all new character. Markie Wylde, Kurt's enthusiastic younger brother. I found this episode to be quite entertaining because of Markie, or "just Mark" as he prefurs to be called. Markie has a thick New York accent and is such a sweet kid it's hard not to love this episode.

    We are re-introduced to Alec Wood, Vert's skateboarding pal. We also get to see two of the RoadBeasts' new members, Skeet and Esmeralda, and see how well they drive. (They both completed the first part of the World Race Track, so they must have some talent!)

    But back to Markie. I just love him! He's such a great character, and it's hard not to feel sorry for him. You can tell that all he really wants is for Kurt to think of him as a fellow driver, not his Kid Brother.

    When we first see Markie, he is driving Kurt's car like a "Wylde Child" (excuse my feeble attempt at humor) and Alec makes the comment, "Who's the tool?" (Tool= Showoff) and Lani replies, "Kurt Wylde. He won the first leg of the World Race." Vert watches Sling Shot (Kurt's car) for a moment and then makes the comment, "Kurts a major chafe, but that's not him driving." We then see a very angry Kurt shove past Banjee and Kadeem (I think) and asks "Who's driving my car." The driver of the car comes to a stop at Kurt's feet and Kurt orders, "Get out of my car. Now!" The driver open's the car up and we get a view from the passenger side of the car. Kurt's face is shocked, "You?" he says. The driver steps out of the car and says, "Hey bro." Vert walks over to them and asks, "Who's this?" Kurt gets put out and replies, "My kid brother, Markie." Markie gets out of the car and says, "It's Mark. And I'm not a kid." Kurt continues and says, "He's a punk, like some others around here." Markie then tells his brother, "Dan Dreadson told me you were recruting drivers for a race." Kurt ignores the remark and says, "How did you get here?" Markie looks a little suspicous and says, "That's not important. What is important is that I wanna drive." Kurt gets into his car and says, "My teams full." and closes the door. Markie says, "I'm a good driver Kurt, all I want is a chance." Kurt starts his motor and motions to him that he cannot hear him and then speeds off. Markie looks really hurt, and Vert says, "You had some pretty sweet moves back there." Markie smiles slightly and nods his head and then gets a look of dissapointment on his face. Vert continues, "You know, I still need one more driver for my team." Markie gets happy and Vert says, "Welcome to the Wave Rippers."

    Aww... so touching! I'm not going to tell you more, you'll have to find out for yourself! It's a great episode, and it leaves you desperate for more! Enjoy!moreless

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Vert: What are you doing?
      Lani: Just checking out my car.
      Vert: You need some help?
      Lani: No.
      Taro: Why is that surf rat prowling around?

    • Markie: Here's Mr. Shortcut. You here to apologize for putting us all in last place?
      Vert: Hey. Chill out, Markie. Nobody made us follow the Road beasts. If Banjee owes an apology to anybody, it's his own team.

    • Lani: I used my computer to calculate the timing configuration of the rotation... and coordinate it with the distance of the jump.
      Vert: Can you put that in English?
      Banjee: Or at least Spanish?
      Lani: The computer gives you a green light... and five seconds later you hit the ramp at 163 miles per hour.
      Do that, and you make it through.
      Banjee: Is she loco, or what?

    • Vert: Guys, we're supposed to be a team.
      Alec: We can still catch these guys, Vert.
      Vert: You catch 'em, Alec. Markie and Lani may need my help.

    • Lani: The Road beasts are taking another road.
      Vert: Could be a big mistake, Lani. They could end up lost.

    • Banjee: Give me some road, Kurt. You're not winning this race.
      Kurt: With my eyes closed, Banjee.

    • Kurt: Who's driving my car? Whoever it is, he's sure having fun. Get out of my car! Now! You?
      Markie: Hey, bro. Nice wheels.
      Vert: Who is this guy?
      Kurt: My kid brother... Markie.
      Markie: Hey, it's Mark. And I'm not a kid.
      Kurt: He's a punk, like some others around here.
      Markie: So, Dan Dresden told me... you were recruiting drivers for a race.
      Kurt: How did you get here?
      Markie: That's not important. But what is important is I want to be on your team.
      Kurt: Forget it, Markie.
      Markie: I'm a good driver, Kurt.
      Kurt: My team's full.
      Markie: All I want is a chance. Let me prove what I can do.
      Vert: You had some pretty cool moves in that car. And I do still need one more driver for my team. Welcome to the Wave Rippers.

    • Vert: Hey, looks like some tasty waves down there.
      You ever do any surfing where you come from?
      Kadeem: My home is far from the ocean.
      Sometimes it's hard to find water just to drink.
      Thirst, hunger.
      And now my people fight each other.
      Vert: I guess five million dollars could really make a difference.
      Kadeem: That is why I drive.
      Vert: Funny, I never thought about what winning means to other people.
      Just what it means to me.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Mark Wylde and Banjee's teammates Ezmeralda Sanchez and Skeet are introduced.

    • The mystery driver is identified as Zed-36.

    • Writer Fabian Nicieza is best known for writing for the X-Force and Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books for Marvel and Dark Horse. He also writes for the Hot Wheels Highway 35 comics.

    • Some of the supporting characters, such as Alec and Mark, look completely different than they did in the original comic books from Starlight Runner. But the character designs for the team leaders remained faithful to the original designs.

    • Alec "Hud" Wood, Vert's friend seen previously in "Ring of Fire," joins the Wave Rippers.