Hot Wheels Highway 35

Season 1 Episode 5

World Race: Wheel of Power

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Aug 02, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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World Race: Wheel of Power
Tezla finally gets his hands on the Wheel of Power but an invasion at the complex proves that someone else won't give it up with out a fight. Fortunately the World Race team leaders join forces to keep the Wheel of Power from falling into the wrong hands. A final showdown on Highway 35 ensues.moreless

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  • This episode airs with Frozen Fire.In this episode,Vert won the wheel and brought it back to Tezla's Cube.Tezla check and did some test with the wheel but suddenly,the whole place short-circuited including Gig.Tezla couldn't control the wheel's outrageousmoreless

    I love this episode because Vert won the race and the wheel and was declared the best racer in the world.I miss world race very much including the goatee-less brown-eyed Vert.I miss the five world race teams which were scorchers,dung ratz,street breed,road beasts and waverippers.My favourite team was Waverippers which was lead by the absolute adorable leader,Vert.Im looking forward to more highway 35.Im also looking forward to the dvd release of Breaking Point and the premiere of Ultimate Race.moreless

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    • Vert: Dad! What are you doing here?
      Major Wheeler:When my squadron stood down...
      I came home and found a message from my son.
      Something about driving in a race.
      Vert: I know. I should have asked you first, Dad.
      But this race was really important.
      Major Wheeler: There's this thing called the Wheel of Power, right? I know all about it. These two told me everything.
      Vert: Gig! I thought you were shorted out!
      Dr Tezla: I was able to restore his operating system.

    • Vert: Hey, Kadeem. Wait up.
      Look, Kadeem.
      I know money can't solve all the problems back where you're from.
      But it probably wouldn't hurt.
      Kadeem: But this is your money for winning.
      Vert: The people in your city, I figure they need this more than I do.
      Kadeem: My people will not forget this.

    • Vert: No way!
      I'm gonna have to try it again.
      I'm almost out of Nitrox 2.
      Maybe one more boost.
      Gelorum: Let's see how well you half a car.
      Vert: Ride it!

    • Kurt: Pop the clutch, surf rat. We'll get you going.
      Vert: But I thought you were on their side, Kurt.
      Kurt: I just took the wrong road for a while.

    • Vert:I'll take it back.
      I brought it here. It's my responsibility.

    • Major Wheeler: I'm proud of you, son. Not because you won the race. But because of what happened afterwards. Because you had the courage to do the right thing. I told you you'd learn what's really important.
      Vert: Dad...
      Major Wheeler: But you're still grounded for a month.
      Vert: You mean I've got the hottest car ever... and I can't drive it for a month?
      Major Wheeler: Grounded is grounded. But how about taking me for a spin first?
      Vert: The Deora II is good to go.
      Major Wheeler: Looks pretty complicated. What does this button do?
      Vert: Dad! Ride the wave, Dad.

    • Vert: The only thing better than catching a catching five million big ones.
      Lani: What are you gonna do with yours, Vert?
      Vert: I'd like to buy a used car. My Deora II. Will Tezla sell it to me?

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