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  • Some Good Ideas, Some Bad Ones...

    I like the idea behind the show of a fast paced show with very quick sketches. Some of the ideas on the show are good but some of it is just not very funny but that's what you can expect to get when you watch so many different things. It is an original Canadian show with unknown people, if you are Canadian and watch Comedy Network like me you will recognize a few faces from other Comedy Network shows. I think there is probably too much of the main character because he plays the same loud/stupid big guy character a lot. I am giving it 6.5 because I hope it will get better, I think it is safe to assume that the writing will get better and some of the confused and incomplete ideas will start getting better. One thing I hope to see is less of the same characters and jokes being used several times. I know most people hate this show including both of my roommates who are currently threatening me with violence if I "make them" watch it again but it deserves a few more episodes I think before we can really judge, and come on you have to admit it's better than almost every other original show the Comedy Network has made before (Popcultured, Girls Will Be Girls, Punched Up, Comedy Inc, just to name a few).
  • Terrible

    Hot Box is a terrible show and I don't mean terrible like awesome like in Ivan the Terrible I mean terrible like This show is so terrible watching it makes me want to kill myself but only after killing everyone else.

    Why is this crap on tv it is so stupid and pointless I can't stand watching it for even ten seconds what is the point of a fat guy playing basketball and saying "I am a cop give me a sandwich" then bad stock footage of a cougar.

    Sure you are going for that Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job thing where it is absurb and no real plots but guess what you can't be just pointless and stupid and be funny you have to actually be funny to be funny yes you can be funny by being stupid and pointless but just stupid and pointless is not funny on it's own you forgot the funny parts.
  • Hotbox is a mish-mash of stuff you forgot you remembered from the 80s,

    I'm shocked at the very small amount of love that this show is getting. Either Canadian males in the age bracket of 25 - 35 don't know how to use the internet, or they were watching different stuff than I was in the 80s.

    This show might not be topical, but it gently pokes the part of my brain that remembers the low-fi "Weather Warnings" we used to get on channel four, the awful local network commercials we used to watch between episodes of "The Littlest Hobo," and all of the Nintendo games I used to play in order to forget that my Asian stepfather made me rub his legs.

    Add to the gentle nostalgic mocking a series of original sketches such as the "Bluetooth Headset Killer," a tech-savvy hitman who has arguments with his employer via his Bluetooth Headset because his employer is so tech-dumb he's "practically a caveman," and you've got a show that may not hit with every single sketch, but definitely has enough to be worth watching.

    Again, I admit I might be exactly the targeted demographic, and that's okay. Comedy shows that pander to everyone are pleasing nobody, and my friends and I can thank Hotbox for giving us a new one-liner to incorporate into our every day speech: "I'm eatin' Greek Salad over here."
  • One of my favourite TV shows of all time! Some people think its terrible and some people think its awesome. I think its awesome. This is a very funny tv show and i recomend watching it either on TV or at

    One of my favourite TV shows of all time! Some people think its terrible and some people think its awesome. I think its awesome. This is a very funny tv show and i recomend watching it either on TV or at just go to the library and click hotbox.
    best song ever:
    Owl and a man theme song:
    the owl and the man!its about an owl and a man. And when your a man and you cant sleep its good to have a friend thats an owl.

    I recomend this show to anyone who likes Pat Thorton or is looking for something funny.
  • Not funny at all

    Hot box is not funny at all, it is one of the worst show I have ever seen on TV and I can not believe how it could have been put on TV in the first place. It says I have to write more words, ok then the acting sucks it is some of the worst acting I have ever seen, the main character is just a guy who acts dumb, the writing is the worst none of it is funny at all and half the time there are no jokes again just people acting stupid and doing nothing. The show makes no sense at all.
  • Only funny to the people in it.

    Hot Box looks to me like one of those shows where the only people laughing are the people actually in the show. We watched it and just stared at the screen wondering, who thought this was funny and how did it ever get on TV. The jokes are terrible and most of the scenes don't even make any sense. I'm sure they would say I just don't get it and it's funny because none of the scenes make sense but guess what sometimes it's not funny just because it's not funny! I don't know anyone who has seen this show who actually likes it and after three episodes (why did I put myself through that) I haven't laughed once. Who is this fat guy and why is he on my TV? Does his mommy own the network?
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