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AIRED ON 8/14/2009

Season 4 : Episode 8

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Welcome to the Hotel Babylon guide at This British drama show from the BBC was launched in January 2006. A second season of eight episodes began on 15 February 2007 and a third on 19 February 2008. The show takes us behind the the scenes of a luxurious five-star London hotel, where manager Rebecca Mitchell leads a team whose job is to give a superlative service to guests who are often less than five star. We see a series of dramas centering on the problems of the rich and the famous, with the hotel's staff always on hand to help - and keen to make a little extra money. The eight episodes of the first series were based on the book Hotel Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones and Anonymous - the unknown joint author was billed as the manager of one of London's leading five-star hotels.
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  • Love it!

    Saw the first episode on Viki in a hotel room. Been hooked ever since! Love it!
  • How can you give this a 1!

    I notice the bad reviews seem based on the supposed bad acting, and bad cast. Did you ever consider that both were the intention of the producers?

    The so called "Bad" acting was great, gave the hotel that fake feeling. which, if you listen to all of the opening narrations, is one of the points the show tries to point out. That the smiles and luxury a hotel provides are a facade, and just plain acting.

    As for bad cast, once again, they played their role as the "camp" hotel employees well.

    Watch this, try and get through what seems an overly camp show, and you have a tongue in cheek drama/comedy that will, at the least, entertain you.moreless
  • Please god dont watch this rubbish

    Scripts are bad plots are worse

    tamzin oithwaite

    is awful

    straight from a third rate soap opera

    too much make up looks like the avon lady

    max beasly

    non actor

    more famous for cheating with a married spice girl

    makes tim vincent look like a great actor

    plot guest comes to the hotel

    something happens

    Regular cast must solve thier problems and save the hotel

    oh dear

    and now the americans have been conned into watching it aswell.We get lost and heros and they get hotel babylon

    Someone somewhere is laughing at this exchange

    The adverts for series one strongly hinted at sex

    being a staple of the show

    not a chance

    i could forgive the bad acting and the over the top ,badley written dialoge if their was some nudity but this is a prime time bbc one show

    Its just plain badmoreless
  • WOW!!! very very BAD!

    this show will get cancled very soon cause its extremly bad .

    it has the worst acting i have ever seen on tv and the worst directing i have ever seen on tv and the worst music i have ever HEARD on tv .

    the question here is why havent bbc cancled it yet .

    i mean its the worst show abc ever prouduced they shoud cancle it right now . cause it boring , bad , and extremly dull .

    i dont get why the actors agreed to act in this type of a show , i mean this show will destroy their carrers .moreless
  • I absolutely love Hotel Babylon. The characters are refreshing and witty. The Characters are a fantastic ensemble. Rebecca Charlie Anna and the gang are wonderful, I'd like to stay in that hotel if it were a real place in Britain.moreless

    The Hotel Babylon I think was a surprising success. Charlie and Rebecca run it like a well oiled machine that sometimes runs amok but they have a wonderful rep. Anna well she's a bit of a snob but a hoot. The end of season two Rebecca after seeing the Hotel didn't get sold to the guy who was going to completely sack the whole staff, she seen that Charlie was made manager and then she walked away into the night to I suppose have some sort of life before she is too old. I hope that Canada's showcase channel picks up the third season as I'm hooked and I'm anxious to see what the gang gets up to.moreless

    Summer TV on free-to-air

    Just a few days of ratings to go and then it's all but over for 2010.

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