Hotel Babylon

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2006 on BBC
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Episode Summary

A jingle writer called Machin checks in to the hotel. During his last stay, he tried to kill himself, so tension is high and Rebecca gives Charlie the job of keeping Mr Machin alive.
The hotel's concierge, Tony, blunders disastrously when he mistakes a woman guest for a prostitute.
Meanwhile, the staff help a former employee celebrate her golden wedding.moreless

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  • With this second episode we're beginning to understand the characters a little better.

    There are some new explanations of the character's actions and we're figuring out where they all fit into this glossy world.

    Tony, the concierge, is having some problems accounting for some possible hookers in the hotel. At the same time, Charlie is babysitting a jingle writer that has suicidal tendencies. The jingle writer is wonderfully played by Anthony Stewart Head. Later in the day, Rebecca finds that Tony's intuition is spot on. He comes in the nick of time to avoid a disaster for Rebecca, and it's just a delicious moment. I'm beginning to find more reasons to love Dexter Fletcher after every episode. His timing and droll wit make the character come alive. There's a heartwarming, and heartbreaking storyline with a couple celebrating a very special anniversary. Rebecca's warmth comes through dealing with this couple. We also begin to know more about Rebecca's private life and the difficulties she's going through. She's obviously not as tough as she'd like us to think she is.

    Anna Thornton-Wilton is just wildly inappropriate sometimes, and you just love her for it. She's a character that could so easily be hateful or hated. Emma Pierson captures her in a way that's endearing, even when you'd like to pinch her.

    I loved the scenes with the Radleys and I'm also beginning to wonder just what Pete is up to and what does he know about Charlie. Can't wait to see what's up with that.

    All in all, another great episode.moreless
  • Episode two, just as good as episode one..

    Anthony Stewart Head guest stars as a suicidal musician who catches on to the fact the staff have been told to keep him alive at all costs fairly early on. He continues to milk this for all the free coffee and sandwiches that he can until he makes a breakthrough with his music. James, being the sensitive young buck that he is insults the emotinally unstable man, leading Charlie to believe he has committed suicide.

    More amusingly, however, is Tony, whilst clearing out the hookers in the morning, accidentally tries to throw a guest out. Rebecca makes the same mistake, later on in the episode with a high profile guest's wife. On some level, i suppose she judged this character quite accurately but when all is said and done, she should really have listened to Tony..

    Overall it was a very good episode. Just as good as the first episode. I love this show because it never fails to disappoint. It's a great way to waste an hour on a rainy Sunday afternoon! 9.5/10moreless
Anthony Stewart Head

Anthony Stewart Head

Mr. Machin

Guest Star

Zoë Tapper

Zoë Tapper

Mrs Radley

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Craig Kelly

Craig Kelly


Guest Star

Michael Attwell

Michael Attwell


Recurring Role

Danira Govic

Danira Govic


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Raymond Coulthard

Raymond Coulthard

James Schofield

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Jackie: So what made you want to be the concierge?
      Tony: From when I was little, definitely the uniform.
      Jackie: Really?

    • Tony: (of Mrs Radley) Well, she might be a hooker, she might not. Right now, that's all I can tell you.
      Rebecca: I thought a good concierge is supposed to know everything.
      Tony: Oh he is, but if you remember, I work in guest relations now.

    • James: Actually, you know, in certain tribal cultures, suicide is regarded as the noblest of deeds.
      Rebecca: Maybe so, James, but in the hotel industry, nothing drives guests away quicker than the stench of a rotting corpse. Suicide is a negative vibe.
      Jackie: Not to mention a selfish act.
      Anna: It's much better if they fly the Jam Rule.
      Jackie: The what?
      Anna: You know, when they jump off their balconies. It means we're not responsible for cleaning up the goo.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Rebecca reminds Charlie that the hotel's restaurant has two Michelin stars. The Michelin Guide started as a touring guide for motorists, and two stars means that a restaurant is worth a detour. Everything will be excellent, if not perfect, but high prices should be expected.

    • Tony the Concierge saves the day for Rebecca when he gives the Radleys tickets to the ballet La Fille mal Gardée. This is a two-act ballet originally choreographed by Jean Dauberval in 1789. The best known production is Sir Frederick Ashton's for the Royal Ballet in 1960.

    • Derek asks Charlie about 'Doris' and Que Sera Sera. Doris Day sang this song in Alfred Hitchcock's film The Man Who Knew Too Much, and the song won an Academy Award (Best Song) in 1956. Day later sang the song in other movies, and it become the theme to her The Doris Day Show (1968-1973).

    • Tony mentions the 'Les Clefs d'Or' lapel pins. These are a symbol of the Union Internationale des Concierges d'Hotels, and 'Les Clefs d'Or' (Golden Keys) was founded in Paris in 1929. It supports and trains members, of whom there are over three thousand in more than thirty countries.